It is a common misconception that the best way to rid yourself of that unsightly belly fat is to do crunches for hours on end until your muscle just eats up all that fat and you suddenly have a six pack. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t work that way.

While you might be building some washboard abs doing all those stomach exercises, those muscles will never be seen unless you do something else to get rid of all that fat hiding your abs. But don’t despair; these 5 simple steps will help you get rid of that belly fat forever:

1. Reduce Overall Body Fat

Consistently consuming more calories than you burn will inevitably result in the accumulation of fat in the whole body. Since most people gain weight first in their stomachs, it can seem like every extra calorie we eat goes straight to our midsection.

While this may sound like it is a bad thing, it can actually be good because the first place that your body puts fat is the first place it takes fat away from. This means that by cutting down a few calories every meal will directly result in less belly fat. Guaranteed.

2. Focus on Whole Foods

When we told you to cut down calories you most likely envisioned yourself wasting away on a self-starvation diet. You’re not alone; most of America has negative connotations toward the term diet because all they hear is smaller portions and deprivation. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

By focusing on foods in their whole form: fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice, whole grains, lean meats, legumes, etc. you’re going to be able to cut down on calories while still being able to eat to your heart’s content at mealtime.

3. Add Flavor

Studies have shown that we digest food better when it tastes better. You’re also more likely to stay on a diet that you enjoy—imagine that? So when you’re preparing your meals that are full of whole foods, don’t just slap some raw cucumbers and celery on the table and expect to feel satisfied.

Grill vegetables with some olive oil and lemon pepper, or try zucchini pasta with your favorite marinara sauce. Whatever you do, make foods that you feel good about. Even if they take longer to prepare than your other meals, think of how much better you’re going to feel after you’ve got your flat stomach.

4. Keep Your Heart Rate Up

Like we mentioned before, it is not just strength training that is going to get you a chiseled stomach, you have to log some time in those running shoes. If you absolutely can’t stand the thought of starting your day with a morning jog, pull out the goggles and head to your local pool for some laps. Still not your cup of tea? Saddle up your bike and spin your belly fat off. Whatever it is, make sure you’re getting at least 20-30 minutes of cardio a day.

If you’re new to aerobic activity, start small so that you don’t get burned out. Don’t be embarrassed if your way of working out is taking a brisk walk after dinner. The key with cardio is to make sure it’s sustainable, and that you enjoy it. Because we know you’ll enjoy the fat melting away.

5. Try A Weight Loss Supplement

We know that all of these steps will help you lose belly fat and get a flatter stomach, but we also know that no one is perfect. By using weight loss supplements, you can ensure your success even if you break your diet a little here and there.

One that we found to be extremely helpful to those trying to lose weight around their midsection is Clinicallix. Because it has been formulated with prescription-strength ingredients, Clinicallix is the surest way to have a successful diet.


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