Stimulant-based fat burners are popular, but few of them are safe and effective. Phenphedrine is one of those few. It’s still relatively new, but already, Phenphedrine has climbed up the charts to become one of the most recommended fat burners.

Ingredients in Phenphedrine

Chromax is the patented form of the trace mineral chromium picolinate. It normalizes blood sugar levels, which reduces the hunger cravings and low energy that come from blood sugar spikes. It also prevents your body from storing excess fat.
DiCaffeine Malate has been clinically proven numerous times to increase energy levels, increase the rate of metabolism, and reduce cravings.
Caffeine Anhydrous is similar to DiCaffeine Malate, but not quite as powerful. It promotes thermogenesis, which regulates body heat. As your body heat rises, you burn fat faster.
Phytosome Green Tea normalizes blood sugar, suppresses appetite, and boosts metabolism. As one of the most powerful antioxidants, this patented form of green tea also eliminates toxins from your body.
Hops reduces stress and curbs cravings
Phenylethylamine has been called the “Love Drug”. It triggers feelings of relaxation and pleasure.

The Facts About Phenphedrine

The two things I like the most about Phenphedrine are that it is very powerful and very safe. It’s powerful because it uses ingredients that have been proven to work. When these ingredients were tested, a specific dose was used to get optimal results. I researched the ingredients in Phenphedrine and found that it uses these same doses.

Usually powerful fat burners cause side effects. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Phenphedrine doesn’t. For one thing, the ingredients it uses are known for being safe. Also, I couldn’t find any reports for serious side effects when people used Phenphedrine as directed or when they didn’t already have a pre-existing sensitivity to stimulants. If you do have sensitivity, Phenphedrine probably isn’t right for you. If you don’t have a sensitivity, you shouldn’t have any problems.

How to Use It

You are supposed to take one capsule 2-3 times every day. There are 60 capsules in the bottle so if you take two a day Phenphedrine lasts for a month. The best times to take Phenphedrine are right after you wake up and 30 minutes before lunch and exercise. Since Phenphedrine has stimulants in it, you shouldn’t take it within 7 hours of going to bed. Don’t take more than 3 capsules a day either.

Phenphedrine is one of the strongest fat burners. It should help youburn belly fat fast; but if you want to keep the fat off, you will probably need to exercise regularly and make some changes to your diet.

Buying Phenphedrine

The only place to buy Phenphedrine online is the official website. They offer one bottle for the price of $69.95. If you buy two or more bottles, the price is reduced significantly per bottle. Another great reason to buy Phenphedrine is the 90-day 100% money back guarantee. With this, you don’t have to worry about risking any money. You can get a full refund for Phenphedrine if it doesn’t work.

Final Thoughts

Phenphedrine is all-natural, powerful, clinically proven, safe, affordable, and guaranteed. What more could you ask for from a fat burner? Hypothetically you could ask for more, but I don’t think you’ll find many fat burners that can do more or as much as Phenphedrine. I think it is one of the best products I’ve come across and I highly recommend that you try it.


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