Today I will write about making your first sale on Fiverr. First thing you need to learn is to be honest and strictly avoid fake reviews and orders just to get feedback.

You should be confident that what you are offering will bring positive feedback. Second point is that only sell the things you are skilled for or are capable of doing.

For example, if voice over is not my area, I should not offer any service relevant to voice over. Vice versa, if I am a skilled affiliate marketer, I should provide services related to my skill set, like SEO etc. IF you are serious about making money online, make sure that you do it the right way.

Be honest with what you offer and do not offer anything or service you are not capable of delivering.

Now when you have made up your mind and have clear plan of action, what niche to select and what offer to put on Fiverr, it’s time to write an appealing title, description and put relevant tags

A quick way to select the right keywords

Search on the phrase or term (keyword) relevant to your service by putting relevant content or phrase in place of google search bar, now as an example, if you want to work on article writing, write something like article writing service and check the options given by google in the drop down list. The phrases/keywords you see in the drop down list are being searched on google. Select one of the phrases or set of keywords with low competition.

Now select a keyword or phrase from the drop down list and check the competition for that keyword or phrase. Put Quotation marks in the beginning and end of the phrase, like in the example below. Now check the number of competitors, it should be less than 3000. For example “article writing service price”, this phrase has very low competition as shown in the figure above and you need to use this term, in title, description and tags of the gig you will be making on Fiverr.

Select the right image

Selecting an image is just like selecting a thumbnail for your youtube video. You are more likely to click on something which is appealing and looks good. As an example, I would search the right image on google relevant to my service i.e. article writing.

There is a way to select the right image in terms of rights and privacy. Go to this link and select “free to use, share or modify, even commercially”

Make a review video about your service:

While making your new gig, upload a video giving details about your service or gig and it will for sure increase your chances of getting the first sale Once your gig is up and running, share it on all of your social networks to drive traffic and to get the word out. You will start getting orders and now it’s time for you to deliver the order and request a positive feedback.

Make it a habit of thanking the customer and requesting for positive feedback once delivering the order.

Handy technique to get your first sale on Fiverr

Well for this you need to invest some time and reply to buyer’s requests. Read the buyer’s requests and provide the relevant service, simple as that and the way to do it is to get in contact with the buyer, message him (do not share direct links on fiverr), use attachments if you want to deliver any file or link.

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