Today I will talk on tips on how to use social media responsibly, I found writing on this topic appropriate as of now because today the number to twitter followers I have reached is 10 Thousand (10K)

I recently realized the power of Social Media when used responsibly and effectively. When I started to work on the Social media strategy for my work in 2018, I said to myself that I need to learn more in order for me to get more…it’s simple but the most important part is to use social mediums responsibly and I will explain more on how to use social media responsibly and effectively in this blog post.

First thing is your goal

You should sit down, have a cup of coffee and think that What goals you have in mind which you want to achieve using social media. For me the goal as an internet marketer is to reach out to as many people with common interest as I have & to connect more to them, building a strong business relationship in terms of gaining more success in my online work.


Now when you have set a goal, it’s important for you to find the product/niche or market you are comfortable working on and it should reflect your skill or experience. For example, I am an affiliate marketer for the last 5 years and I write on making money online on this blog and this is the area I feel I have the knowledge about to share with the world.

Profile or Bio

Does your profile/bio matters? the answer is: Yes, it does! Experienced Social Media users keep an eye on your profile to see what you do and then follow you after having the faith that you are a real person and not a bot. Your profile/bio should reflect your complete name and should reflect your purpose for having the social account. You may also put some hash tags to tell the world what you blog or post about or what types of services are you offering. Your profile might also reflect on how other followers/subscribers or viewers can utilize your skills to get benefit.

Honesty is the best policy and is the start to become more responsible socially

What you are posting matters and it should be useful to your followers or subscribers. When I realized this fact, I started promoting the products, I have tested myself or I know will work in a positive way for the buyer.

You need to become responsible and post things you have rights for

Let me give you an example here: Posting a high quality image with animation doesn’t mean that you have posted it correctly in terms of having rights to use it. This is how responsible bloggers post on social media sites, they only share content/photos they have rights for. If I am putting up a video on twitter, it’s my responsibility to make sure that I have the rights to use it commercially.

If I have to put images on any social site, I go to google advanced image search and search for pics with “free to use, share or modify, even commercially” tag …Now this is a legit way to use images and it makes you responsible if you keep track of the pointers mentioned in this post.

How to effectively use social media sites:

Here I will simply share few techniques to make your posts more attractive and clickable. Let me divide it into few parts:


First write the description of the post. It should be easy to understand by human eyes…!
Tell the world what you are posting about


Put a link to your actual blog post or site/URL where you want the viewer/visitor to land on. I perfer using to shorten URL’s as it gives me the feature to keep track of the traffic I am getting on my promoted links.

Hash Tags:

Now this is the most important part now-a-days on almost all social sites. It makes your post more searchable eventually increasing probability to get more clicks. It’s a good practice to put 3-4 hastags in every post to social media sites..
Below is an example of a good powerful tweet, cosidering the points above

Easily build 25 UNIQUE backlinks to your pages every day! Sign up now and start generating quality inbound links to your site today! #backlink #SEO

— Nishat Andrew Anthony (@NishatAndrew) February 22, 2018

A nice relevant Pic:

Attach a nice and relevant pic which conveys the message clearly what your post is about. In social media marketing specifically, it’s very important to pay attention to the pictures/photos you post. Use the google advanced image tool to get the images you have rights to use as mentioned above.

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Note: Do not send traffic to links using social media sites where there are a lot of popups or multiple windows/ads open up. It leaves a very bad impression…!


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