If you love to download movies, books, music and a whole lot more online then you’re definitely going to want to know more about Torlock and other torrent based systems. You’re going to want to have a better way to make sure that you’re accessing the information that you want and definitely that you’re going to get great versions and copies of everything. With Torlock, you’re getting a BitTorrent system that’s designed to make accessing your torrent files a whole lot easier. It just might take a Torlock proxy site to help you get what you’re trying to find.

What is TorLock?

TorLock Proxy
TorLock torrent

Torlock is a type of torrent system that allows you to download information off the internet. Torrents, which are the main currency of Torlock, can be created for just about anything because they’re all about computer files with metadata. These files are used by different software (like Torlock) to actually receive the information that they’re looking for and make sure that they can easily access it whenever and however they want. But there are some problems associated with the system as well. The main problem is that Torlock is blocked in many countries.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent is the key that unlocks your download of whatever you’re looking for. If you want to share information with someone you can give them the torrent file and they can choose to download it or to use a magnetic link to access the file. From there, they use a specific software to help open the file and locate all of the fragments and information that the torrent directs to. This can take a number of different steps and it could involve a number of different pieces that are scattered in numerous different places.

Why is TorLock Blocked?

TorLock Unblocked
TorLock Unblock

Torlock is able to be used for a range of different types of information and, unfortunately, information stored with torrent are frequently illegal or copyrighted materials. As a result, the use of torrents themselves have become illegal in a number of different countries and the sites or systems that allow them to be used or enable them to be used then become illegal. This isn’t true in all countries, but in many areas the use of torrents is even punishable by incarceration. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re doing if you’re going to use these files.

How to unblock TorLock

If you’re looking to unblock Torlock, however, you can go through some proxy sites and alternatives as well as a few different mirror sites that will help you get to what you want. It’s basically going to involve the systems that we’ll talk about in the next section. Just make sure that you find one that you’re comfortable with and look for something that is going to give you the best access to the resources and systems that you’re actually looking for. Each of these is going to offer slightly different outcomes, but each of them is going to work in the way you would expect Torlock to work for your downloads.

Warning! Your IP is unsecured

Do not visit any torrent website before hiding your IP with VPN!

TorLock Proxy Sites

There are actually a number of different Torlock proxy sites out there and each of them provides similar services and abilities to the genuine site. The difference is that these sites haven’t yet been blocked or at least haven’t been blocked in the countries that they are being pulled from. If you’re looking to use a Torlock proxy site you can easily find lists of not only the proxies but the mirror sites as well. Not to mention you’ll find plenty of things you can do with the sites when you’ve found the one that you want. Here is our fresh list of TorLock Proxy sites:

TorLock Top proxy https://www.torlock.top/Fast
TorLock unblocked https://torlock.unblocked.bet/Very Fast
TorLock Party https://tlock.party/Fast
Official Torlock https://www.torlock.com/Very Fast
T0rLock1 Unblocked https://t0rlock1.unblocked.lol/Fast
TorLock Unlockpro https://torlock.unlockpro.cricket/Fast
TorLock Host https://torlock.unlockpro.host/Very Fast

TorLock Alternatives

The Pirate Bay

This is one of the most familiar and most commonly used BitTorrent site out there, and it gives you a whole lot of options and features. You’ll be able to search for just about anything that you want and you can easily download or upload torrents at your will. You’ll also be able to download music and a whole lot more, which makes it easier for just about anyone to use.

Visit our list of The Pirate Bay Proxy sites


This is where you’re going to find most of the verified torrents that you’re looking for. Because there are so many available here you’re likely going to find anything and everything that you might want in no time at all. That includes movies, games, software and music, among other things.

Visit our list of 1337x Proxy sites


Here you’re going to have no problem downloading all of your favorite books, movies, games, software, TV and more. The system is relatively new but it gives you not only the torrent files but magnetic links as well. That’s because it’s all about peer-to-peer file sharing through the protocol.

Visit our list of RARBG Proxy sites


Here you’re going to have an index of different torrents that have been uploaded, which makes it a whole lot easier for you to find the specific things that you’re looking for. It’s also an extensive service that gives you over 250,000 different torrents. Though it’s not as popular now as it used to be, there are definitely plenty of things here that you can use.

Visit our list of LimeTorrents Proxy sites


The final option we’re going to talk about is this one, which will actually scour the web to find you the best torrents you want. It’s starting to become a slightly older system, but it has a whole lot of everything from videos to audio books to even high def movies and more. You’re going to get a bit of everything here.

Visit our list of ZOOQLE Proxy sites


No matter what you’re looking to download, it can be difficult to access Torlock or any of these other systems from certain countries. The best thing you can do is look at Torlock proxy sites, but also make sure that you’re careful about things like your VPN. You definitely don’t want to get caught downloading something illegal and you don’t want to end up in jail just for using a system, especially when you’ve done nothing wrong. So, make sure you keep track of what you’re doing and where.


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