123Movies is the online movie streaming service that allows you to stream full length movies for free. The list of organized movies, design and user interface are some crucial features that make it the top rated streaming service today. All the movies listed on the website come with description, poster, trailer, IMDb rating and other important information. You will also find the movies using the tags or you can search for your favourite movie directly from its dedicated search bar. The movie streaming site comprises of registration fees and it is free from malicious links and malware. This makes it safer streaming service online. But, to make use of its services safely and uninterrupted you need to make use of 123Movies Proxy servers for a variety of good reasons.

The proxy servers are basically the servers that work as intermediary for the requests from clients that are seeking for resources from other servers, thereby enabling the clients to access 123Movies anonymously even if the site of 123Movies is blocked in your country. You will come across with several 123Movies Proxy servers and you must use one that suits your unique requirement.

What are the Features of 123Movies?

Before you move ahead and learn about the 123Movies Proxy servers and sites, let us first know the amazing features and highlights of this movie streaming service. Below is the list of few amazing features which you can enjoy with the actual site of 123Movies.

  • The website comprises of a dedicated search bar from where you can search for your favourite movies and TV shows and series
  • Filter is available that allows you to filter the movies and series by its genre
  • Downloading of the movies in HD quality is available with 123Movies
  • There are no buffering issues, but this depends greatly on the internet speed you are connected to
  • You can stream unlimited movies for free, TV shows and web series for free in HD quality
  • All videos are delivered in high definition
  • Full length movies can be streamed and even you can download them for free
  • Enjoy free series, shows and movies
  • There is no registration required and even downloading of the movies is free. The services are free at 123Movies

About 123Movies proxies and How to Unblock 123Movies?

The main domain of 123Movies has been shunted out few years back and after that it has become quite challenging for the cine maniacs to stream free movies online. The site of 123Movies is inaccessible currently and hence people are looking for alternatives to stream free online movies. The developers have started losing its client base and soon they came forth with a new solution in the form of 123Movies Proxy and other mirror sites which are set by the developers and other online volunteers. This provides the viewers with a premium digital content that can be accessed from across the world for free.

123Movies Proxy

The proxy servers clone the actual website of 123Movies and hence it hosts the similar content on faster and different servers. These sites are regularly updated so as to provide the viewers with latest movies for streaming frequently, thereby making it the top choice for most of movie buffs.

The other way to unblock 123Movies is by VPN service. You will come across with both premium VPN services online and the free VPNs which are absolutely free to use. But, the only drawback associated with VPNs is that it slowdowns the downloading speed. It keeps the users of 123Movies anonymous and also conceals their browsing history from all ISPs. Some of the people have complain that they experience slow streaming and dishevelled site interface while using 123Movies with VPNs and this is because of the slapdash VPN service. So, it is necessary that you make the selection of VPNs carefully.

Warning! Your IP is unsecured

Do not visit any torrent website before hiding your IP with VPN!

Fresh list of the best Working 123Movies Proxy Sites!

If you are unable to access the services of 123Movies in your region, then the best way to access it is by using 123Movies Proxy Sites. Below you will come across with some reliable and best working proxy sites which would remove the geographical restrictions and enable you to stream free online movies even when the main domain is inaccessible in your country. The list of the proxy sites include:

Proxy MN123Movies.mnFast
Proxy ME123Movies.meFast
123Movies net123Movies.netVery Fast
Proxy MX123Movies.mxVery Fast
0123Movies0123Movies.comVery Fast
Proxy 2019123Movies2019.comGood
Proxy Land123Movies.landFast

These were some of the 123Movies Proxy sites which are free and easy to use. These sites offer you with the best streaming experience for free. These proxy sites comprise the same content that you enjoy with the 123Movies site. Moreover, GoMovies is the subsidiary of the site 123Movies and hence you can make use of it to enjoy the same movie streaming experience. If you need other proxies to use, then you can choose any from the list and enjoy streaming movies for free regardless of the geographical location.

Is Using 123Movies Proxy Sites safe?

Well, this actually depends on 123Movies Proxy that you are using. The main domain itself is safe because it comprises no malware and malicious links. But, there are some proxies which come with ads and malicious links which can hamper the overall performance of your device on which you are using it. It is necessary that before using the proxies on your device you check its creditability and reviews online to ensure that it is safe and free from all downlinks.


There is no harm in using the proxy servers until it is free from malware and malicious links. Some of the proxies even come with some kind of links and ads and these are actually safe. But some ads are not safe and if you click on it you may be redirected to some other sites and this may incur carrier charges.


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