How often do you download movies or TV shows? How about music and video content? If you’re downloading these things a lot then you definitely need a service that’s going to make it easier for you. One such service that you might have used previously is called Tamilrockers. If you haven’t heard of it then you definitely don’t know what you missed out on. While Tamilrockers is no longer around, there are some Tamilrockers alternatives that you should check out because you’re going to find a whole lot of great features and all of the content that you’ve been looking for as well. And even if you’re not big on downloading, you’re going to find plenty for you as well.

About TamilRockers website

Tamilrockers was a torrent website that provided you with access to just about any copyrighted material you could possibly want. It started in 2011 as a bootleg recording network and within the next 7 years it turned into the source for absolutely anything you wanted. You’d find TV shows, Tamil movies in HD, music and a whole lot more. And all you needed to do was search for the content that you wanted and then download it using the torrent.

About TamilRockers

The site continues to move around and each time it’s blocked or stopped it seems to pop-up again under a different name (proxy) and a different location or domain. That’s how so many people are still able to get the content that they’re looking for without being able to access what was the original website. Instead, you may need to look at some of the alternatives out there to get all the content. After all, there’s a whole lot available on the internet if you know where to look.

The biggest scandal with this website, however, was in 2018 when people believed to be behind the website were actually arrested. After all, torrent sites and the use of them is illegal in many parts of the world and sites that provide copyrighted content are likewise illegal in nearly every country. Even still, it appears that this website is still up and running in some new proxy or mirror sites and for those who can’t access it there are definitely other places that you’re able to get the content that you’re looking for, wherever you want.

TamilRockers – Download HD Tamil Movies

If you’re looking for just what you’re actually able to download with Tamilrockers and its Alternatives out there (which we’ll talk about in a moment) then you’d probably be easier to ask what’s not available. After all, you’re going to get not only variety but excellent quality to the movies and content that you’re downloading as well. Tamilrockers actually provides HD movies, rather than just the standard versions that you might be used to. That’s especially a benefit if you’re used to copyrighted materials that look (or sound) like they’ve been recorded on someone’s phone in a movie theater. Check our fresh list of working TamilRockers proxies

TamilRockers Proxy list

TamilRockers Proxy 1 http://tamilrockers.crWorking
TamilRockers Proxy 2 http://tamilrockerss.chWorking
TamilRockers Proxy 3 https://tamilrockers.prox4you.xyzWorking
TamilRockers Proxy 4 http://tamilrockers.atWorking
TamilRockers Proxy 5 http://tamilrockers.tvWorking

You’ll find movies that are available in English, but also in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. So if you’re looking for some of the more familiar foreign languages you may be out of luck. A website that offers the English version of the show, however, is definitely going to be a benefit for you to be able to enjoy your movies in most cases. There’s no need to worry about reading the subtitles on a TV-Show that’s been recorded or leaked in a different language, you can get it in the one that you need. What works out best for those downloading the content is that they’re going to have access to just about anything that they might want.

TamilRockers Movies download
TamilRockers Movies

In fact, Tamilrockers has a library of over 5,000 different movies, which means they’re probably going to have what people are looking for. This is one reason that piracy and copyrighted materials are so popular and so easy to get ahold of. New movies are released around the world all the time, and this means that there needs to be an extensive network for the website, and others like it, to be able to get access to those movies. For Tamilrockers, it’s not that difficult to do.

There’s actually a large team of people who work with Tamilrockers so that you can get the best movies as soon as they come out (or sometimes even before they come out). There are a range of different Tamilrockers movies, because the people who work with the service are able to get ahold of the movies directly from the production house or from the theatre. From there, they just make a copy and upload it into the system. That makes it available for you to download and makes Tamilrockers the largest piracy site currently out there.

Why is this website so popular?

There are a number of different reasons that people use these types of sites, but the first is that it’s entirely free. When you want to go to the movies or you want to have a movie for home viewing you would generally have to purchase it. Movie ticket prices vary around the world, but they could be anywhere from a few dollars to $20 or more for just a single person to view a movie. Buying the movie varies from one country to another as well. On the other hand, Tamilrockers is entirely free and provides the same movie, which is one of the main reasons that people like this type of service.

Another benefit is that you’re getting the movie at the same time as it comes out in theaters and sometimes even earlier. Pre-releases have even been found on Tamilrockers or its alternatives. When people can get the content that they want and they don’t even have to wait for it, that’s making it even better as far as they are concerned because they can get the movie when everyone else is watching it. It’s another factor that makes it harder for government officials to crack down on the service.

TamilRockers website
TamilRockers website homepage

Convenience is yet another reason that people are using these websites. Being able to download any content that you want from the comfort of your own home is a big deal for many people. Similar to getting on Netflix or Hulu, Tamilrockers provides instant access to any content that you want. You don’t have to go through the process of renting from Redbox or going to the store to purchase the item you want. You can just decide that you want to watch it or listen to it and then download it. With the bigger push toward convenience going on at every turn, it’s easy for people to fall into this trap.

Tamilrockers Alternatives

Because Tamilrockers movies have been more difficult to get access to, because the website is constantly under scrutiny and being shut down, there have been more and more Tamilrockers alternatives popping up. A number of different sites have been created that provide the same types of services or even sites have popped up that are Tamilrockers under a new name. After all, if you’re in the piracy market you’re going to have to stay at least a few steps ahead of the people trying to shut you down.

If you’re looking for Tamilrockers alternatives or if you’re trying to find some way to download your favorite content in the best way possible, any of these websites is likely going to show up on your search. That’s because each of them offer similar content (though generally not as much of it) and some of them offer different styles of content as well. You’ll want to check them out to see what’s being offered if this is something that you’re interested in and you’ll definitely want to make sure you pay attention to how they work. (link) – This website is entirely free and offers all different formats of television shows and movies. It actually ahs a wide variety of different genres for the movies that they carry and you’ll have access to some of the newest content and even some live TV, which makes it one of the top alternatives.

GoMoviesHD (link) – For those looking for a way to watch all of the latest stuff from the hottest countries for new releases this is definitely one great way to go. They have different methods of classifying the content they have and they even have streaming TV shows available.

TopWatcHD (link)– This is another free website that offers both classics and new releases. For those who love the old-school stuff you’ll find some of your favorite shows, but you’ll also see the top movies and TV shows from Hollywood and other parts of the world. There’s even a streaming service and plenty of channels with your sports shows available. (link) – Here you can get movies and music, so if you’re not as big on the latest flicks you’re still going to find the latest content. It has streaming options as well as download options and you’ll find HD copies of the movies plus dubbed versions.

Movielangki (link)– This one might seem like the best possible option because it offers 20 million different movies and TV shows, but it’s actually not quite as high quality as you’ll get with some other options. You’ll still find a whole lot of features and you won’t have to deal with ads, which is a big plus.

Free Movies Watch Online (link) – Finally, this option offers you movies from just about everywhere in the world, including Hollywood, Bollywood and more. You’ll find streaming services as well as films that can be downloaded and just like the rest of these alternatives, everything is free.

Torrents against Government

When it comes to torrent websites of all types, the governments around the world are definitely doing what they can to stop them. Most governments have made torrent sites like this completely illegal and banned them, in an effort to stop piracy or the illegal downloading of copyrighted content. Still, this isn’t doing enough to stop the people who use these websites as sources for all of their movies, music and more. What that means is the governments are being required to step in even further and to do what they can to discourage people from even attempting to use one of these sites.

 Tamilrockers torrent
Tamilrockers were arrested

At this point, the government has been tracking IP addresses for those who use known torrent sites. They have been tracking downloads and a whole lot more. In fact, they’re trying to find anyone and everyone who has ever used a torrent site and they are making arrests. The people who are believed to have created the original Tamilrockers were arrested, for example, and governments around the world are continuing to arrest people who they believe are involved with the creation or perpetration of these types of illegal download sites.


It’s important to note that there are good uses for torrents and that torrents themselves are not bad in any way (though some governments are banning all torrent sites no matter what they are used for in an effort to stop illegal content). In fact, torrents can be used for just about anything. They’re simply a means for tracking down specific content and information, which could be non-copyrighted materials as well. Even still, in many countries the process of using torrents, in any form, is completely illegal because of the actions of those who use it for piracy.

When it comes down to it, torrent files and services are definitely taking off and more and more people are starting to venture into this realm. That doesn’t mean it’s something you should do without thinking carefully. After all, there are many countries where the practice of using torrents for anything is highly illegal, so make sure you’re paying close attention to the rules, the laws and just what you’re doing. You definitely don’t want to end up in jail because of something that you decided to download, right? And if you’re using Tamilrockers or any of the Tamilrockers alternatives that’s definitely a possibility.


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