Cookies. Cakes. Desserts. Pretty much anything sweet that you can think of.
What we are talking about are – you guessed it – sweets, and what you have stuffed yourself during the holidays; but the holidays have long gone, and yet, you are still having this problem.

What this problem is, you ask – you are still craving sugar, and yes, it can be quite tempting. They tempt us at every turn in our life, and it is also not helping that we very people, despite knowing how bad sugar can be for your body, we still turn to the, in times of celebration, and yes, even comfort.

But well, breaking up with sugar is not that easy – even the studies are not much of a help, as the average American consumes about 170 pounds of sugar each year.

Take in as much sugar as you can –and rest assured that you will be putting your body at risk, and add to that, the onset of life-threatening diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems – the list goes on. In fact, a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, mentioned that people whose intake of sugar exceeded the daily levels, they are at a much more increased risk of death by about 40 percent.

So, how do you stop your cravings for sugar?

The answer is to eliminate refined carbs, added sugar and the artificial sweeteners that are of no good to your body.

Just take a step inside your favorite grocery store, and you will see sugar peeping out at you from every corner, other times, they will scream at you from the freezer.

But you know, despite that, you can silence those urges.

But first, do you know what an urge is – it means an intense, urgent or abnormal desire – and just because you feel this urge for anything sweet, it doesn’t mean that you need to pop in sugar into your body.

So, the question is –

What should you do when you crave sugar?

When you an urge to eat something sweet, don’t just pop sugar into your body – instead what you should do is drink a glass of water first, then, take a breather, say, 5 deep breaths or you can even wait for a few minutes. Consider going for a short walk after having a glass of water, and if even that doesn’t work out for you, here’s what you should do – eat something but take note that it has to satisfy your hunger pangs. For best results, consider taking a fruit or even a healthy snack.

Snacks area great choice if you want to keep your hunger pangs at bay – it is recommended that you keep at least one or two bars at hand, so that you won’t be tempted to run to the sugar-filled packaged foods.

And this comes to the second question –

What snacks are considered healthy?

When opting for healthy snacks, always make sure that you read the list of ingredients thoroughly to look out for refined flours and added sugars.

You can try out snacks such as cucumber chips, hard-boiled egg, or a handful of nuts. You can also try out crackers if you want, but leave out the ones that have added sugars or refined flour in them. That said, if you want to try out something sweet, you can try out a baked cinnamon apple, fresh berries such as strawberries or blueberries, or a simple sliced apple with nut butter. Cherries and herbal tea that has a sweet note such as vanilla can also be a great idea.

That said, there are also various ways on how you can stop your sugar cravings. Sometimes, the best way to tackle your sugar intake is to take note of its source.

Balancing your meals

When taking meals, it is suggested that you include such foods that are rich in protein, healthy carbs, and even healthy fats. Also, remember to add green veggies daily, at once a day to get the required nutrients.

Creating a snack schedule

Most of use experience afternoon cravings, so, you should make it a point of including an afternoon snack into your work schedule.

Adjusting your mealtimes

When you feel your hunger cravings are starting, you are first suggested to take note of the time when it happens – say, if it happens around 3 pm (and that’s the time for most of us), then it’s a sure sign that you need to add protein-filled snacks to your daily routine – you can either opt for a shake or say, one to two hard-boiled eggs or even a handful of nuts will do. Apple slices with peanut butter will also have great results.

This will not only make you feel full but it will also refresh you instantly, and will set you up for a great evening with fewer cravings around your bedtime.

Spicing things up a bit

When it comes to eating, it seems like that we even get stuck to the same old routine – by opting for the same and simple foods every day, as we know that they are safe, but you know that shouldn’t happen.

Variety is the spice of life, or so, they say – it is suggested that consider a different way of taking in the foods be they be usual or different. When swapping out the sugar, you can add spices to that dish such as cinnamon or even red pepper – there are many spices out there, so, just make sure that you consider them.

Identifying your favorites

At the end of the meal, it’s all about you – make sure that you take note of all your favorites, so that at the end of the meal, you feel satiated and not deprived.

For best results, it is suggested that you consider keeping it simple by picking out two of each – two go-to breakfasts, two go-to lunches and two go-to dinners to keep your routine consistent.

Trying out new recipes

Why eat the same foods just because they are safe? Why not trying out new things – recipes, fruits, and vegetables, there are any of them out there that you may have never heard of them before, less even tries, so why not try them out.

What’s more, you can even combine various ingredients with which you can create new dishes.

Above all, make sure to follow your routine that you have created for yourself for your own betterment. No matter what, stick to it, and in time, you will see that you won’t be led astray, and what’s more, your dedication could even inspire others to make one of their own routines.


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