With every passing day, month or year, the world is undergoing the phase of several processes which demand modifications and enhancements. The end of the stone age and the start of humans, getting engaged in betterment processes, have highlighted the significance of knowledge and information.

Humans do have realized the necessity of receiving basic education and the benefits which can be generated from it.

Education has been prioritized in all the developed and developing countries. Several educational based encouraging programs, teacher’s learning courses and awareness campaigns for educating children and youth have played a key role in highlighting the need for education.


Insights of Edgenuity

The continuous efforts for improvisation of the educational system have led to the birth of Edgenuity. The core concept of Edgenuity is themed on providing education by using the magnetizing power of digital media for enhancing the children’s learning.

Furthermore, it deals with providing the fundamentals of knowledge regardless of any course on which it has been implemented, in a little more improvised and appealing way as compared to conventional educational methods.


Edgenuity is basically what we call modern problems require modern solutions and yes it is serving the purpose perfectly. For instance, children who find it hard to cope-up with a class of fifty students and understand the subject of topic a little late than the other class.

In another way, teaching methods applicable in conventional classrooms and by the end of semester lack in achieving good grades and understanding the fundamentals of particular educational courses, strongly demand another effective method for teaching in which their weaknesses are overshadowed with the techniques which are utilized in that form of teaching.


Four E’s of Edgenuity system

According to the teachers who are hired for the post of teaching the students via digital media quote that the basic principles of Edgenuity revolve around engaging, empowering, effectiveness and efficiency.

Therefore, in order to seek proficiency in Edgenuity themed systems, it is mandatory to teach as per the identified principles of this concept.

Developing the interest of students and sustaining the outcome is only possible if the children are engaged in some dynamic activities regarding the courses which are explained online by the teachers.

The use of concise instructions, appropriate modelling in association with stimulating activities can help a child in having a better vision of the taught lesson.


Approaches Utilized for Spreading of Edgenuity System

The approaches for Edgenuity are efficient and effective as it allows the teacher to pay extra attention to children who require extra effort. Moreover, it is an outcome-based educational system and it has been observed in schools which have opted the system of Edgenuity, have produced better and positive educational records of the students which directly indicates the contribution of Edgenuity in the educational system as compared to the common ways of knowledge-provision.


With Edgenuity earning positive feedbacks from different platforms it has been applied on, the scope of online learning programs and courses has also been significantly increased.

Numerous learning institutes have included the online instructional material as a part of its curriculum for modifying the research skills of students as well as giving the opportunity to teachers to modify their way of teaching.


Several schools in US and UK have been investing in digitizing the education and increased the use of digital tools as a way for turning the educational odds in their favor and improve the educational gap while enhancing the learning opportunities economically as well as academically, mainly focusing on the underprivileged students.


The Need of Edgenuity

The ratio of early-age dropouts is the main educational concern of the leading era which has to be acknowledged and rectified as soon as possible. The role of Edgenuity in overcoming the deficiencies of students who cannot afford education in learning institutes is the offering of online learning courses which simply requires a signup account.

One can avail the advantage of receiving education even under such unfavorable circumstances whether it comes to health conditions or financial issues which have become the stones in path of acquiring knowledge.

Secondly, the absence or shortage of teachers or the dysfunctional teacher for conveying his or her thoughts in solving student’s questions are also the cons of conventional approaches of education.

For instance, there are several districts in different regions across the world where the shortage of educational institutes, absence of qualified teachers and lack of education-based resources due to the stubborn rural laws demand the need of an online educational system where the place of lesser qualified teachers can be filled with highly-qualified instructions of professors.


Edgenuity Framework

The program of Edgenuity is designed in a way that students are provided with an online portal system for getting themselves registered in different courses. Moreover, the courses are designed with lessons, sub-lessons, program instructions, assignments.

The last part of the course ends on a quiz to analyze the knowledge which has been earned by the students and take steps for improvisation relevant to the sort of learning outcomes that have been received.


The fear of technology eating the jobs of human has also been the major aspect which has been eliminated in the system based on Edgenuity. It does not help the effective learning of students but it has also gifted teacher the sufficient time they demand in order to develop an effective educational outline which can motivate the students for achieving the desired educational outcomes.

The impact of Edgenuity over the educational system is doubled if the principles of this system are handled and implemented by a certified teacher.


Despite all the advantages and improvisations, there are several districts across the world which lack the establishment of a better educational system and more specifically the development of a system which is based on the principles of Edgenuity.

The fact cannot be denied that appropriate support from administration, time, experimentation and teacher training sessions are highly demanded to achieve the positive outcomes of Edgenuity.

Considering all the factors of Edgenuity based educational system it can be easily said that the invention of online learning systems has been a prominent wave in diverting the direction of an educational system towards a positive direction when compared with the conventional mediums of attaining knowledge.


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