So, heard that you are planning to go to a weekend party – and you plan to wear a midi skirt?

Ho! That’s quite a great idea, you know! Midi skirts are a cute and versatile choice for any occasion and for any season.

But the main problem is that you have no idea how to wear a midi skirt. Worry not, we are here to help you! Did you know that there are many ways on how can wear a midi skirt with oomph and style?

Well, you are about to see how can you rock the midi skirt at your weekend party!!

Opting for a matching set

Looking your best has never been this easier when you opt for a matching midi skirt set – opt for such a midi skirt that has either the same fabric and print or coordinates with a similar pattern, and if possible, consider going for bright colors such as sunset yellow and coral.

Say, if your midi skirt set happens to be adorned with patterns, you are suggested to opt for a plain and contrasting top to break up the colors.

Going for leather on leather look

If your midi skirt happens to be made of leather, and you are worried about how to approach it, here’s what you can do – opt for either a biker jacket or a blazer, but make sure that it’s made of leather too; creating this style will have an edgy and high fashion look to your overall getup.

But note that the color combination should be monochromatic such as black, grey, charcoal – though any dark shades will do.

You will also create a contrasting look by combining two colors such as brown and charcoal – trust this, it will elevate your look instantly.

Mixing sheer skirt with a bold shirt

Want to amp up the temperature a bit?

Opt for a sheer or lace midi skirt, and then, balance the look with a bold and contrasting top or shirt. This ensemble is a great option in any season, and trust us, this look complements everyone.

This look is best known to work well in colors such as grey, charcoal, blue and even black – the choice is yours. And of course, don’t forget to complete the look with a pair of dress shoes or sky-high-stilettos.

It’s up to you!!

Mixing up a midi skirt with a belt bag

Did you know that you can even wear a midi skirt with a belt bag?

Yep, that’s true – all you need to do is to cinch in your waist and showcase your midi skirt by adding a belt bag to your waist. A sleek and timeless look, you can opt for this style for your weekend party or even for a night out.

You can create your own style by pairing your midi skirt with a chunky knit sweater or even a hoodie or boots! Don’t be afraid to experiment – life is too short for regrets!

Going for a midi skirt with a chunky skirt

We all know how the nights can be chilly during the winters, so, if you have a weekend party during those days, why not opt for a midi skirt with a chunky knit sweater?

You can go for any colors that you like or better yet, you can choose those colors that complement the season – to create this look, all you need to do is to tuck in your sweater into the bottom half or you can even let it hang to create a comfortable look, and finish your look with combat boots or even heels, and you are done for the party.

Want to look warm as well as stylish – this is the look you should go for.

Pairing a midi skirt with an oversized shirt

Of course, you can pair a midi skirt with an oversized shirt – you can either keep the sleeves hanging below your hands to create a layback style or you can cinch in your shirt by gathering the fabric at your waist.

Remember when creating this style, you need to choose colors that flatter each other such as neutrals, pastels or even the classic combination of black and white. If you are thinking of going for the bold look, you are suggested to opt for an eye-pleasing color such as green – there are various shades of green, look out for the one which speaks to you.

This way, you will create a well-balanced style and will look impeccably styled.

Pairing a midi shirt with stockings (printed!)

Now, this is one look that we are sure that you wouldn’t even think of it before – we mean, pairing a gorgeous midi skirt with printed stockings!!

Yep, you can opt for this look too, provided you want to go for a funky ensemble. Take a bold pair of stockings – the bolder, the better it is; patterns such as leopard dots to crescent moons, the options are many.

When creating this look, opt for a midi skirt that’s pleated, and finish the look with a muted slip-ons or mules.

Mixing a midi skirt with slouch boots

You can also add a pair of slouch boots with a midi skirt, you know. If it’s the winters, then, you can add in an oversized sweater or a trench coat; even a flowing blouse will add a textured look to your ensemble.

C’mon, be experimental, will you?

Opting for statement boots with a midi skirt

Who says you only have to wear long boots with a midi skirt to make an impression?

Prove them wrong, gals – you can make do with ankle-length shoes too. Add in a midi skirt that has plaid, pleats or even ruffles. And as for the booties, you can go for bold colors such as ruby, emerald and even the classic tones such as grey, white or black.

Pairing a midi skirt with a sweatshirt jumper

The seasons can play havoc with us, so, why not give them back the same?

Pair a midi skirt with a sweatshirt – these jumpers are not only lightweight but they can also be a breeze to style them around when the temperature dips down. As for the sweatshirts, you can either tuck the top half into the midi skirt or can keep it casual by letting it hang loose, and complete the look with either stilettos or sneakers.

Ha!! Take that, winters!!


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