Today, the world of work has changed a lot – it’s a far cry from what our parents’ world. Back then, there was only a single option when it came to a job interview – a dark suit, a white shirt and a matching tie; and add to that, combed hair, gleaming shoes, and a practiced handshake. You might see a few more new shades of the shirt or even a tie with a pattern, and that was it.

And that was what your boss wore – and you too.

But now, the scenario had changed – hot-desking, start-ups, flexitime – and then, before you knew it, the wealthiest men on our planet took to wearing chinos, jeans, and even hoodies. So, if you wanted to be like them, are you supposed to dress like them? Should you dress like that in a job interview that you have in a few days?

Well, as far as interview goes, you should dress in such a way – you know, you should be able to give a good impression to the interviewer and show that you will be able to fit in well with the company; and that means, whatever clothes you decide to wear, they have to fit in with the company (that you plan to give an interview to) culture.

Interview for a corporate job

Even though the corporate industry has relaxed the rules in regards to the dress code for a corporate job, it still doesn’t mean that you can show up in a hoodie and baggy jeans.

If it’s a corporate job that you are interviewing, so, of course, it’s going to come with responsibility, so, this is not a time for any experimentation. It’s better to keep it safe and nail all the details, even the minute ones.

So, what are the rules?

Always wear a suit or if you don’t have one, then, don’t attend the interview. It’s a corporate world where hierarchy exists at every step, it won’t do you any good if you dress sloppily, and moreover, it doesn’t show any respect for the person who’s about to interview you – the person who has the power to potentially change your career’s course.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to overdo – say, if your dress is worth more than your interviewer, then, you will come across as a playboy. For safe results, it’s better to stick to muted colors such as navy, charcoal and grey colors, and if there are any patterns, then, opt for the ones whose patterns are very subtle, so, as not to distract the interviewer.

It’s also recommended to keep your accessories muted – once you get the job, then, you can add more personality to your dress code, but for now, unless and until you don’t cross the first hurdle, it’s better to play it safe.

Always opt for the best materials that you can afford – take note of your fit, and pay attention to your cuffs and trouser hems. As for your shoes – invest in an appropriate one. After all, studies say that the personality of a person can be told by just looking at their shoes, including character traits, salary and political inclinations. It’s recommended that you opt for shoes that are dark in color and if good premium materials such as leather and with laces, not buckles.

Interview for a creative job

Heard of the phrase ‘dress to impress’ – this is a term that leads men to wear garish ties and loud shirts. When in an interview, it’s best to avoid missteps – for formal ones, it means coloring between the lines, but when you are applying for a creative interview, the formal choices don’t apply.

So, what are the rules?

What should be the dress code when interviewing for a creative job? That is perhaps the trickiest to answer. Dress wrongly, and you will send the wrong signal – you either show the risk of being dull or being too flamboyant.

Here’s what you should do – opt for a cotton two-piece such as a T-shirt and trainers – and avoid eye-popping patterns or even paisleys, but even if you do want to wear them, opt for shades such as light colors such as light blue and beige for the summers, and green and cobalt for the winters.

And as far as accessories are concerned, less is more – leave out the eagle-headed belts for the weekend parties, and instead opt for either a leather document holder or an appropriate sized leather bag to carry your documents, and don’t ever turn up for a creative interview with a huge gym pack or even a backpack – it’s unprofessional, and will give the vibe that you are not taking the interview seriously.

Interview for a skilled job

Your outfit doesn’t matter much if you plan to work in a coffee shop or even on a construction site – though, you will need to be presentable. If it’s a day where you have to meet customers, then, it’s of utmost importance to pay attention to your grooming.

So, what are the rules?

The main problem here is that you may dress up too much. Of course, it’s not a modeling job, but you still need to be presentable and show that you are taking the interview seriously.

Opt for a suit – it can never go wrong, no matter what occasion it is – and make sure that you have a tie on and polished shoes. Avoid too much flair and pay attention to the minute details. Under no conditions, should you attend an interview with dirty or rumpled clothing. Your best options are chinos, jacket, and even an open-neck shirt will work wonders, if everything’s tailored and sharp.

If you happen to drive to an interview, you should make sure to hang the blazer so that no creases show up, and if possible, consider for a quick once-over in the bathroom to make sure that everything’s in place.

When dressing for a job interview, it’s best to look your part – go in with a wrong dress code and the interviewer will think that you are there to discuss their corporate insurance.

Always dress for the part, give a good impression, and ace the interview.

We wish you all the luck in your endeavor!


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