Trekking is a fun exercise to relish with your friends and family

In this article, we have compiled a list of all the essential items that you need to take with you while trekking from experience and experimentation. Whatever your trekking location be, from rising mountains to parks, you will need to carry trekking gear with you.

Here is a list of the most essential trekking gear that is budget friendly for all new trekkers. The reason being on a trekking trip you are deep in nature, with difficult access to basic things. You don’t want to fall short of the most important stuff in the middle of your trekking journey.

Your Trekking Checklist

Let’s explore some of the basic trekking gear that will put your mind to rest and your trekking journey less painstaking as you’ll be free from all cares related to falling short of stuff you need direly.


Trekking Shoes

First and fore-most you need trekking shoes before you embark on your trekking journey. Comfort comes first, make sure your trek shoes are of top quality and won’t wear out easily. Other important factors you need to keep check of while select trekking shoes is they are robust, light-weight, waterproof and offer strong grip to consumers.

Opting for good trekking shoes is of substantial importance for the success of your trekking journey. Trekking shoes that are waterproof and provide a good grip will come really handy during climbing on slippery surfaces.

If your Trekking shoes are out of your budget, you can take advantage of cool online deals.


Another category of shoes that comes out handy on your trekking journey is flip flops and river sandals. At the close of rigorous trekking, you might feel like giving your feet some rest. You’ll need some flat waterproof shoes while walking on the shores of rivers or staying at a motel or guest house.

The shoes to be used for this purpose include stylish flip flops, river shoes and sandals that will go a long way in building your endurance for the exhausting trekking days.


Hiking Backpack

First and foremost, make sure you carry a small backpack. You will be carrying foot loads of stuff while trekking. Also make sure your backpack is lightweight and comfortable to carry on a trek.

A rain-cover or sunscreen, are the essentials you need to keep in your backpack. In addition to the size, shape and necessity of the items you stuff your backpack, you also need to be aware of your travel duration.


Also, you need to be aware of the weather conditions of your trekking location. Invest in high quality backpacks as low quality ones get torn apart and you might lose some of your valuable possessions forever while on the trekking journey. Going for a trekking backpack rather than ordinary backpacks, would save you from immense trouble along the trekking journey.


While selecting a trekking backpack, consider these factors. The bag should be lightweight and leave you less sweaty. It should not get torn easily and provide good organization as well as protection of your trekking items from rain.

A few recommended trekking backpacks include Quechua and North Face Backpacks. Other feature you need in your trekking backpacks include advanced functionality and ease of use.

Built in protection from rain, bladder bags and waist belts are essential accessories that your trekking backpack must have for enjoying a relaxing and carefree trekking journey.


Sun Protection Gears

Protecting your skin from the scorching sun rays is of the utmost importance while you are trekking. You don’t want to end up with sunburn and dehydrated on your trekking journey. That will spoil the fun of trekking and leave you sun sick.

Make sure you keep a nice sunscreen in your trekking essentials. Using SPF70 compatible sunscreens for best protection from direct sunscreen exposure. Rub the sunscreen profusely on your face, hands, legs, arms and feet as these are the primary targets.


Another essential sun protective gear you need to carry with you on your trekking journey is high quality lens sunglasses. You don’t want tears to start leaking from your eyes, feel itchiness and redness and bear painful pangs, while trekking.

That could be the worst possible scenario. Going for sun protective hats and caps that also look trendy and save your hair from irreversible damage while trekking. You can also keep lip balms to protect your lips from direct sun exposure.

Carrying sun protective gear is pivotal as it saves you from a lot of post trip pain and illnesses which you might need a month to recover from.


Head Torchlight

Not much of a necessary item, as someone in your hike group might be carrying a headlamp. However, in case, you stray away from the crowd or your battery runs out, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Trekking for the first time can be a challenging task on its own, this along with the looming horrors of darkness might leave you panic stricken. As the hours pass by on your trekking journey, darkness is bound to lurk in.

For this reason, we have included headlamps into our trekking checklist. Another situation during which these headlamps act as life saviors is when you are staying at a friend’s, guest’s, camp or motel.

Electricity breakdowns are inevitable and hence it is always smart to keep a head torchlight handy with you on your Trekking journey.


Trekking Outerwear

Your trekking wear needs to be waterproof, lightweight and comfortable first and foremost. Make sure while selecting Trekking Outerwear you opt for water resilient jackets and tracks.

Pants with multiple pockets come up quite handy for stuffing them with water bottles, munching items, Swiss knife or other essential items you might need while trekking for a long time. Trek pants with built in gaiters suffice for snowy trek.

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