Staying Motivated is Always Possible by Incorporating These Hacks!

Whatever it is that you want in your life, it is possible now, just by adopting these time tested tips and tricks. There is always some reason as to why people fall short of achieving their goals.

Either they have no time or they start losing their motivation down the road. In this article we will just focus on some of the ways psychologists have developed to instantly boost our motivation in as little as six seconds.


Make a Plan

Time Management is key to staying motivated. Once you lose your control over time sensitive goals, your motivation falters on its own. That’s when procrastination comes into the picture.

You keep on postponing meeting your goals every day until it becomes an impossible task. It’s easier said than done. Controlling the monster of procrastination, lurking around the corners every time we lose focus.


Always Go for Upward Social Comparisons

It has been analyzed over time that upward comparisons push people to do better. While downward comparisons make people feel too full of themselves to budge an inch. You want to be a humble and proactive person who takes inspiration from the ones more privileged than yourself.

Instead of feeling jealous or envious of others. Upward comparisons are motivational and beneficial because the comparison to someone perceived as superior will often prompt improvement.

People with high self-esteem also use upward comparisons to keep them upbeat and proactive at all times. Downward comparisons though making us snobby, don’t work much in our favor. We become laid back and stop putting in much effort.

This makes us fall short of achieving our goals due to inaction. On the other hand, if we adopt upward social comparisons, we opt for challenging tasks that boosts our confidence further up a notch.


Start Taking Actions

Another motivation hack is implementation intention. This means that thinking about how you will perform a particular challenging task, actually breaks down the psychological barriers preventing you from performing those tasks. Implementing your goals becomes a simple doable task once you start adopting this motivation hack.


Our imagination is more powerful than we imagine it to be. There have been countless successful examples seen who used this intention building hack. Putting words to your thoughts and noting down your exact intentions on completing a burgeoning goal, works wonders for you in achieving that goal.

Being specific is key and a miraculous 100 percent success rate has been observed in people. No matter how burgeoning or next to impossible a task might appear to be, incorporated an action centric approach makes that goal realizable for you.

Implementing your intentions makes achieving your goals your second nature. Don’t believe me. Try it yourself now!


Use Performance Anchors

This anchor is one of the secret success tools for corporate workforce. What we call as professional jealousy or competition, can actually work in our favor on countless occasions. More than the real deal, it’s about a person’s perception of another colleague.

If an employee perceives, another colleague to be a potential threat, he will resort to unhealthy cycles of negativity. Instead of holding oneself to meet impossible standards, one should make smaller and more achievable professional goals.


This will work wonders in ramping up your performance and motivation at work. Most top multinational corporations prefer to keep their success under wraps. This keeps them upbeat and motivated to perform better and do more.

By injecting a little healthy professional jealousy within the hearts and minds of the workforce, can accelerate their productivity and output exponentially. Learning to think and create differently is key to embarking on limitless success.


Creative solutions to challenges start sprouting up here and there among employees. Their aggressive and competitor focused approach goes a long way in fostering a strong image in their industry. Every company employee needs to be a leader and start making decisions when need arises.

Mitigating risks and using a diverse pool of ideas to solve a challenge can develop initiative in the workforce. This motivational hack will make employees own the corporation they work for and their effort levels will double up the normal.

Ultimately all this effort will improve the turnover and ranking of the corporation they work for.


Set Anchors for Meeting Your Goals

As humans, we have an insatiable need for being better than others. It is something we are born and ingrained with from the very beginning. Many a times when you do not feel the need to improve or work upon yourself, the mere thought of just comparing yourself to others can go a long way in boosting your motivation levels.

Make sure you use motivational anchors that are performing well and where you wish to be, rather than ones more inferior than you.


The reason as to why this motivational hack is so effective is when we start using self-set standards to improve ourselves, we feel more in control and free. We are more motivated and fearless in pursuing that set standard for goal attainment.

We feel empowered in the process of motivating ourselves day in and out as compared to when insulted by parents or superior ordinates in terms of social comparison. Comparing yourself to others is more like pushing yourself to do better than your previously did. This works a long way in making you motivated even during the driest of days.


To sum it up..

If you wish to incorporate these habits into your life don’t waste a second. Less thinking and more doing is what is needed in revamping your mindset in a jiffy. These are tested and tried motivational tasks so you need to apply them in order to feel the change in your motivation levels.

Once you feel energetic and proactive after using these hacks, make sure you share them with your family and friends.


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