We refuse to believe that you haven’t heard of essential oils till now.

No? Heard of them?

That’s great, since they are quite trending at the moment. Apart from the range of scents, they can bring a range of health benefits for the body, and while many people swear by them, do you know that essential oils may not be or everybody?

Sure, essential oils have long been used by the generations, but as mentioned before, they may not work that well for many.

But first, for those, who are not aware –

What are essential oils?

Just like the name, essential oils are oils that are extracted from a single plant – namely, from stem, roots, flowers or even fruit – and let it be known that they are very volatile aromatic molecules of plants. Because of this, we can smell and taste herbs, spices, and flowers.

Apply the essential oils topically or even inhale them – they can affect us both emotionally and physically. Using essential oils in small quantities – and for the long term, they can have a great impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

But despite that, you should know that there’s no scientific evidence backing essential oils and that they shouldn’t be used to treat any kind of illness or ailments with the proper guidance from a doctor first. Plus, you should also know that the essential oils are not backed by the FDA, so, all the more reason to avoid them for using them for any serious issues.

That said, there are many people who swear by aromatherapy, and if you are the one, who has been thinking of getting into the trend, now is a good time.

And this comes to our second question –

How should you use essential oils?

Creating a DIY steam sauna

You can boil water in a large pot and then, add 8 to 10 drops of essential drops, and you can consider leaning over the pot and draping your head with a towel.

However, remember that you should keep a distance of at least 10 to 12 inches to protect your face from burns! Consider breathing through your nose for 1 to 2 minutes.

How about using a diffuser?

You can also use a diffuser to get the essence of essential oils without taking a direct hit – plus there are many diffusers that you can choose for based on your needs.

Try by dabbing it on your skin

Dilute essential oils with a carrier oil first such as olive oil or jojoba oil (the choices are many!), and only then, dab it on your skin. If you apply essential oils directly on your skin without diluting it, if your skin is exposed to the sunlight, it will create a burn.

So, no use of essential oils without proper dilution.

And now, it leads us to the third question –

Which essential oils are good for you?

Well, regarding this question, there are quite a number of great essential oils out for you that you can try.

For relaxing your mind

Lavender essential oil

Known for its ability to relax, calm and soothe, lavender is widely touted for its abilities – it can improve your mind, plus reduce stress and anxiety.

You can either add it to an unscented body lotion and apply to your body or can put 1 or 2 drops on your pillow before bedtime.

Bergamot essential oil

This essential oil pressed from the peel of an Italian citrus fruit – it’s cooling and refreshing yet floral and fruity at the same time. You can consider adding it to a diffuser, though you should remember not to put it on your skin before heading outdoors.

Bergamot is a high phototoxic essential oil and it will burn your skin even if you apply it to your skin after diluting it. if you still plan to use it, do so when you are indoors, and you don’t have to go outside any time soon or for the best results, you can apply it at night.

Frankincense essential oil

Have you been suffering from stress and anxiety-related problems a lot lately?

Opt for this essential oil – since a long time ago, frankincense essential oil has been used as a meditation aid and is known for its ability to calm and relax the mind.

For healthier hair

Rosemary essential oil

This essential oil can stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, and which in turn, will promote hair growth, plus, you can also use this essential oil to protect your scalp against dandruff and other dry scalp issues.

Cedarwood essential oil

Want to fortify your hair cuticles and make them strong? Cedarwood essential oil is the one you should go for, plus it is also a great essential oil for the general wellbeing of hair.

Laurel essential oil

This essential oil is another one of the best essential oils that can help you in your hair-related issues. Hair fall, dry scalp problems, sticky scalp are a few of the issues that this essential oil can help you with.

For better sleep

Marjoram essential oil

If you are looking for such essential oil that can aid you in sleeping, Marjoram essential oil should be your first choice.

Renowned for it’s spicy and warm aroma, this essential oil can act as a powerful sleep aid, and it is for this reason that this essential oil is seen to be commonly used for stress-related and sleep issues in aromatherapy.

Roman or German Chamomile essential oil

If you are plagued by restlessness and nervousness, experts on aromatherapy suggest opting for this essential oil – anyone of them will work wonders.

Being gentle and soothing, it calms the mind and promotes relaxation.

Lavender essential oil

As mentioned above, this essential oil is renowned for its soothing properties, thus making it a perfect choice for aiding you in your sleep – you will feel comforted and relaxed.

For easing colds

Thyme (thyuanol) essential oil

Being sniffling a lot?

Thyme essential oil will help you – it will offer you antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Lemon essential oil

Looking for an essential oil that cleanses and detoxifies?

Your best bet is ‘Lemon essential oil’ – not only can it cleans and detoxifies plus it is also antibacterial. What’s more – this essential oil can even be diffused into the air to keep it clean.

Ravintsara essential oil

Native to the island of Madagascar, this essential oil is known for its powerful antibacterial and expectorant properties, and thus, it makes for a fitting choice to be used for coughs and respiratory issues or even the common cold.


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