Talking it out and Sharing your Feelings is the Key to Tackling your Early Parenting Blues

 According to Statistics, “80 percent of new parents go through baby blues.” Coping with Parental Blues is quite a challenging task. In this article we have come up with some time tested tips and tricks to beat your parenting blues.

Parenthood is a major challenge for most people. The joy of bringing a child into this world is incomparable, on the other hand it is one of the most nerve racking experiences in your life.

You are left completely dumb founded, when it comes to new found parenthood. Many a times, the most rewarding experience of your life can turn into the scariest burden you can ever imagine to carry.

According to the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, “Parenting Blues left untreated can negatively impact a child’s health and development.”


Why Do We Get Parenting Blues?

It is a well-known fact that our brains gravitate towards negativity. In this blog post we will help new parents in navigating these inevitable challenges to bring about a positive change in their life.

The burgeoning responsibility on new found parents can leave them unable to cope with every moment of trying to stay positive and joyful for their child.

The truth of the matter is, as humans we are flawed creatures. We are bound to feel agitated or dejected in constantly with the heavy burden of parenthood.


Parents with full time jobs find it hard to regain a balance between their jobs and home life. In addition, with the arrival of a child, time and attention gets refocused. Parents begin to forego their own desires and wishes, fulfilling all the needs of the child.

Socializing becomes less and less overtime as parents succumb to their close knit circle of looking after their child’s needs. Constantly multitasking and jumping hoops can leave new parents drained and unable to cope with their newfound parenthood.


How to Cope with Parenting Blues

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. For this purpose, we have compiled a time tested and experienced list of coping strategies that can help you get rid of parenthood blues.


1. Talk it Out

There is no need for letting it all in, you don’t need to contribute to the nation that you will be scorned upon or seen in a negative light if you share your feelings. Joining a support parenting group can be highly therapeutic for most parents.

Once you are in the company of other people going through the same challenges, you feel understood and able to cope with parenthood blues. Knowing that you are not alone in your parenthood crisis, many others are going through the same distress can massively boost your coping feelings.


Seeking assistance from other parents and getting useful insights from them, can go a long way in beating your parenthood blues.


2. Use Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques

When the burden of parenthood gets too much for you to carry, you need to start taking deep breaths before a panic attack hits you. Go out of the house or leave the situation in order to take a break. This will work wonders in preventing your mental breakdowns.


3. Practice Self Awareness

First and foremost, in order to deal with your parenthood blues, you need to start accepting the fact that something is desperately wrong. Most new parents cannot accept the fact that having a child can actually cause severe mental distress.

They go through countless guilt trips and agitations before they can come to terms with what they are feeling and the actuality of it. Practicing mindfulness techniques is another useful trick that can be used.


Identifying the root cause of your distress and working upon it. There is no shame in facing your demons. Until and unless you accept something is very faulty going on, can you make changes for the better. According to Statistics, “Almost 20 percent of new moms go through parenthood blues.”


4. Practice Gratitude

No matter how miserable your situation is, practicing gratitude goes a long way in dampening down your feelings of hopelessness. With our hardwired negative bias, try to find the good in every situation.

Start keeping a gratitude journal in which you can recall and enlist all the gory sweet details of the previous day. Such as noting, “How stressful you were, and how all your stress wiped off, just by looking at your child’s pretty smile.”

Incorporating this habit religiously will go a long way in beating your parenthood blues. Having a child is a miraculous blessing rather than not having one.

Start practicing gratefulness, will go a long way in keeping you upbeat and motivated to face the perilous challenges of newfound parenthood.


5. Take Out the Time for Yourself

Having a child does not mean you cannot enjoy fun things or pamper yourself anymore. Make sure you enjoy exclusive date nights with your partner regularly. Set up a regular arrangement with your babysitter.

Becoming a parent does not mean you cannot go out on walks, exercise or keep a check of your health status.

Taking care of yourself and your relationship needs is as important as looking after a child. You can also take out the time for your most favorite activities. Becoming a parent in no way means you stop enjoying the activities you love.

Always take part in activities that rejuvenate yourself. These include taking a stroll down the park or relishing a cup of roasted coffee.


6. Exercise and Start Working Part Time

Exercise is an amazing outlet for beating your Parenthood blues. This is because when you move around, your feel good hormones ramp up. This leaves you rejuvenated and better able to cope with the modern day challenges of child rearing and care-taking.

For mothers who feel they are going bonkers with the burgeoning burden of taking care of a child, working part time from home offers a highly beneficial opportunity to beat their Parenthood Blues.

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