It’s the 21st century, and today, people are more connected than ever. Be it friends, families or even strangers – even though they live miles away, they can still communicate with each other, and it is all thanks to eMail and social media. Anyone can hop onto a plane, and go from one place to another in a mere span of hours. It’s as if time is collapsing, bringing all sorts of people close to one another.

But despite that, many of us feel lonely.

And with prolonged feelings, there comes the risk of serious health issues both mentally and physically, such as anxiety and depression, and in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts.

It turns out that while connectivity makes us lives interesting, but on the other hand, it also makes us feel lonely.

So, what should you do when you are feeling blue? You may not have someone to lean on to cope with your loneliness, and that’s why, doctors, researchers, and therapists have come up with the best strategies to help you deal with your loneliness.

Try validating the feeling of loneliness

It’s very hard to tell other people that you are feeling lonely – and for some, it can even be scary and shameful, but doctors say that you need to express that feeling if you want to release it.

People often equate loneliness to that of a loner or even a loser, but that shouldn’t be the case, and denying your feelings of loneliness cam only perpetuate it long before we can recover.

Remember your connections

Often when we feel lonely, we don’t see what’s in front of us – but remember that your closed ones will always be there to help you.

Be your family or friends, when you are feeling lonely, try thinking about them – haven’t they always helped you when you are in need? So, why not confide in them, and tell them – an doing that will lead you to realize that you are not as deprived as you have originally made yourself to be.

Realizing that you are not alone

Whenever you feel lonely, you should realize this fact that you alone are not having this phase of loneliness, besides you, there are many other people who are also feeling this emotion.

If you ever feel lonely, it is suggested that you either confide in someone in your inner circle, be it your family members or even your close friends, or you can even listen to music to help you clear your mind.

Consider asking questions

Whenever you are feeling lonely, consider asking yourself a few questions. Do you feel lonely from time to time, or is it once in a time – questions such as these should come to your mind.

Know this that today, it’s quite easy for people to feel lonely from time due to the world of social media and competitiveness, but if it’s a chronic feeling, then, take heed.

Are you deliberately isolating yourself? Did something change in your relationships?

No matter whether your feelings of loneliness are chronic or brief, questions such as above will help to cope with loneliness.

Consider slowing down a bit

If you are frequently busy, or generally running around like a headless chicken, you should stop.

With the way the world is today, the schedules of the people are back-to-back for too long, and as a result of this, people get disconnected from each other. Often, in cases like this, people get overwhelmed – the best way to cope with this is to try to relax and listen to what the body says.

If the body says to relax, then, you need to do just that – you can consider listening to music, taking a bath or generally anything that makes you happy and relaxed.

Reconnecting with yourself

Want to get in touch with yourself – consider using your alone time.

Know this that you have to be your own best friend – consider taking a few deep breaths, relax and try to meditate, so that fear and loneliness will leave you, and you can be yourself.

That said, you can also consider taking a day off, and stroll through nature – whatever works for you.

Joining a club

If you are ever feeling lonely, you can consider joining a club – not only will you create long and meaningful relationships with other people, plus, you will also get to explore new hobbies with various other people and bond over common interests.

This can either a class, volunteer group or even a committee – any activity that can put you in a social environment daily. You will have fun, just try it.

Creating something

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing – be it sketching, paint or even knitting, creative arts have an extraordinary ability to let us transcend our negative thoughts through self-expression – this, in turn, will help us to connect more deeply and authentically with each other.

While some may do so through writing, others go to the movies, and even though you don’t talk to anyone, you as well the audience is connected by a single thread, that is, the shared experience.

Checking the social media platforms

While many tout social media as evil incarnate, it doesn’t have to be so if you are making meaningful connections.

But it can also affect us negatively if we use it the wrong way – if we feel dissatisfied with our life, there are many who will turn to social media but this, in turn, only elevates the issue. Reason – on social media, it may seem that everyone is doing better than us – good houses, better jobs, better relationships, but in reality, that is not the case.

That said, if social media drag you down, and makes you feel even more lonely than before, then, it’s time for a screen break.

Taking the help of a mental health professional

The dark thoughts that we have inside us – sometimes they can be terrible, and that’s why, we need the help of medical help.

Suffering from chronic loneliness can badly impact our lives – and to such an extent that it distorts our own thoughts about ourselves. Thoughts like – we deserve to be lonely, no one will love us – they are bad and they often turn our thoughts towards actions that only lead us to be lonely.

For this reason, doctors suggest taking the help of a medical professional to bring our thoughts and actions to be aligned with the reality in a better way.


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