Weddings are magical, but they can invite stress – and that’s not only for the couple but for everyone invited. Between the engagement party to the bachelorette party, there’s money to be spent, and not to mention, presents that need to be brought – and outfits, they also need to be planned.

When it comes to the wedding outfit, we all like to go all out, but when it comes to the engagement party, we get stumped when trying to come up with a proper outfit.

Be you be the bride-to-be or even a guest, thinking up of outfit ideas to wear on an engagement party can leave you helpless; but that doesn’t mean that all is hopeless – there are a whole lot of ideas for you that you can incorporate into your dressing ideas to an engagement party.

But first…

What exactly happens at an engagement party?

Engagement parties can be different in many ways, but they all have one thing in common, and that is they are a lot of fun. But if course, that doesn’t mean that you can let loose and go completely wild – you must have the respect for the hosts and for the occasion.

As a guest, you should make sure that you greet your hosts on your arrival and thank them before you depart. That said, if you are close to the couple, you should make sure to stay a few hours or most of the night. It’s also important to note that you should alternate between circulating the room and talk to the other guests, eat the food that’s provided to you and even dance on the dance floor. But above all, remember to dress well and confidently and enjoy your time at the engagement party.


What should be the dress code at an engagement party?

Be sure to check the dress code when you are about to attend an engagement party – if not, you can always ask your host.

Dress codes are a great idea as it makes it easy for to decipher on what can you wear to the occasion plus what others will be wearing too, so, that you don’t feel left out of place.

Under no conditions, should you every disregard the dress code for you will be insulting the hosts if you do so. Most engagement parties usually opt for a dress code that involves a cocktail dress and high heels, but say, if your engagement party states differently, then, you have to dress accordingly.

And what of the location of the engagement party?

You have to know the location of the engagement party first, before you plan on what to wear – it will provide you with the necessary information that will help you to decide on which outfits are appropriate and which are not for the occasion.

Rest assured, the location of the occasion will be given on the invitation – if it’s something that you don’t understand (say, if only an address is given), then, you are suggested to ask your hosts.

If the engagement party will be held outdoors, then, you will probably have a casual dress code that will include flats or wedges if on grass or at the beach. That said, the weather should also be taken into consideration, if it’s an outdoor event. If the location reveals itself to be at a casual restaurant, then, a casual look will be okay (provided if that’s what given in the invitation card), but if the venue is at a formal location, then, you will be required to wear a polished dress and shoes.

And now the main question –

What should you wear to an engagement party?

Of course, as a guest to an engagement party, you will want to look amazing, but that doesn’t mean that you will experiment with your dress choices – on occasion like this, it’s best to go with the classic ones.

What about an all-white outfit ensemble?

If you are a bride-to-be as well as a guest to an engagement party, all-white is the way to go as it’s been considered the traditional outfit choice since time immemorial.

This color has been worn for many centuries and it offers a timeless quality to engagement outfits, so, if you are a bride-to-be, you can opt for any ensemble that’s all white – and it keeps you in the spotlight for the occasion.

Is a print outfit okay for an engagement party?

Of course, it’s more than okay – if an all-white ensemble is not your thing, you can opt for print-focused outfits.

Want to amp up the style factor – then, opt for prints, we say! Opting for a printed ensemble will help you to stand out, plus, they make for a fun choice that is perfect for any engagement party.

You can choose a simple cotton printed ensemble for a daytime-engagement party and go for a silk one if it’s a night engagement party.

What about color-block outfits?

While prints will never go out of style, block colors can also do the same – they can also be just as impactful as the printed style.

Far more bold and colorful than the printed ones, an ensemble featuring block colors such as cobalt, fuschia and even magenta can create an eye-catching dress. Though, there’s one thing to remember – if you plan to opt for a color-block dress, it’s best to keep everything else simple – let the color talk for itself.

What about floral-print outfits?

If you have an invitation to an engagement party outdoors, then, opting for outfits that feature floral prints are some of the best choices that you can go for.

Be it gardens, backyards, or even at the beach, outfits with floral prints are surely going to put you in the spotlight – but do remember that the colors should be pastel tones such as soft pink and powder blue – they are not harsh on the eyes plus they create a soft look, that is sure to leave others mesmerized.

What about the non-traditional ensemble?

It’s a given that not all women will like to wear a dress to an engagement party, and that’s okay – if you feel more comfortable in pants and top, then go for it.

As long as it’s stylish and goes hand in hand with the given dress code, then, you are suggested for a non-traditional look.


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