And before we know it, 2020 is upon us – and that means you have one tradition to uphold, and that is – making a resolution for New Year. It’s the first month of the year, so, you need to organize your life and set goals for the coming months.

Forget last year – this year, let’s make a resolution list that’s filled with easy and good-for-us goals, that we can not only achieve plus they will also lead us to have a healthy body and mind.

Ready, get set and start.

Building a better budget

Of course, budget – somehow or the other, we always seem to be low in cash. Make this a new year’s resolution – how about making a vow to yourself to save more money.

Outline a budget plan that works for you and make sure that you stick to it – you can take the help of apps such as Mint or You Need a Budget.

Cooking one new thing each week

Who doesn’t wants to eat healthier?

Make this a new year’s resolution – consider picking up a good cookbook, wear your apron, pull out the cutting board, and get set to try out a new recipe every week that you have never tried out before.

Reading more books

How about making a new year’s resolution of reading a new book?

Make sure to open a GoodReads account and start reviewing each book that you plan to read.

Joining a club

Want to meet new people and make some new friends in the process?

Joining a club will help you do that – you can take the help of Facebook to find a group of people that appeals to you that have similar interests in your area.

Sharing your resolutions with others

Studies show that sharing your resolutions with others – be it your friend, bae or family – it will make you feel like you have already achieved it, plus experts have even said that sharing goals and their progress with others can keep on going.

It’s suggested that you confide in one friend, and then, share your achievements with others when you are on the way to success.

Eating veggies regularly

No matter whether you plan to slim down or just want to stay healthy, it’s recommended that you include as many green veggies you can on your plate.

Booking all the doctor’s visits

Open up your note-taking app or calendar app, and make sure to list all of your doctors’ appointments for the year in one sitting.

Not only will you able to get over the anxiety-inducing stage, plus, it will get less stressful later on. It’s recommended that you start with your GP, and then, make a list of all the screenings that you are due for.

Taking the stairs

Make way for at least 10 minutes from your daily routine to run up the stairs either rto your home or office – a study published in the Physiology and Behavior had found out that tired women who climbed the stairs for 10 minutes, they got a bigger energy boost as compared to the women who took a cup of caffeine, and the best part is that taking the stairs had helped the women to burn calories too.

Becoming an owner of potted plants

Did you know that the presence of potted plants indoors can lower the human stress levels?

That’s good news, isn’t it?

How about making a new year’s resolution based on this find?

You can start putting potted plants indoors – after all, research shows that caring for plants actively helps to calm the autonomous nervous system plus it can also lower the blood pressure.

It also helps that when people work near the plants actively, they report greater concentration, satisfaction as well as perceived air quality.

Planning a vacation

Did you know that people who vacation at least twice to thrice a year have a lower risk of heart attack than those who don’t?

Studies have even found out that planning a vacation can boost happiness for weeks to come.

Doing yoga daily

Of course, it’s a given – doing yoga solo or with your partner can be so much fun. It’s a way to get comfortable with one’s bodies plus, it can also increase enjoyment as well.

How about volunteering?

New year is the perfect time to start up volunteering work, be it cleaning up a park or helping out at an animal shelter. And studies have even shown that pitching into volunteer work regularly can lower your stress levels and blood levels.

Delegating chores

Of course, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy time, and that’s not a bad thing.

Make a new year’s resolution of delegating a few of your chores to services like TaskRabbit – you know, to clean out the garage, storeroom or such. Research has found out that doing so can lead us to have greater satisfaction in life.

Trying out new hobbies

Instead of complaining about boredom, how about making use of that time to try out new things?

Say, for example, new hobbies – you can try out Ethiopian food, attend a show, or even take an online class or offline classes, if that’s what you like.

Do whatever makes you feel alive and fun.

Donating old clothes

Okay, we may hate to admit, but you do agree, right – you have a lot of unused clothes at the back of your wardrobe that has become an eyesore for you. If that’s the case, why not consider them donating them to someone who needs them? You never know who might end up needing your donated clothes.

Your wardrobe will feel lighter and spacious, plus they too will be happy. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Giving yourself compliments

Did you know that positive talking to yourself can help you focus on what’s good in your life?

Studies found out that complimenting yourself at least once a day can help you feel happier and satisfied plus, it can even improve your sleep. Wake up the next morning, and you will more motivated to do your work, and if you want, you can also continue the routine of complimenting yourself now and then.

You will thank yourself!


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