Deciding to embark on a beach camping adventure can be a lot of fun, but there are plenty of different things that can make it even better. Today, we are going to be taking a look at some of our favorite beach camping tricks and hacks.

These Beach Camping Tips

1. Check before you go!

Before you embark on a beach camping adventure, make sure that you check all of the regulations. In some places, you will need to make sure that you have an official permit before you start camping. In others, you will need to pay a nightly fee to camp within the boundaries of an official campsite.

We would advise doing your research and making sure that you choose a spot that suits your needs. Remember, everyone will be looking for something different.

2. Make sure that you stay hydrated

The beach can be a funny place, especially when you need a drink. You look out of your tent and see a massive body of water, none of which you can drink.


We would highly recommend bringing a lot of water with you on your beach camping adventure. If you do have an osmosis pump, then you might be able to make some of your own. A lot of beach-based activities require a lot of energy. You should try to make sure that you stay as hydrated as possible.

3. Keep the bugs at bay

Have you ever experienced a rural camping trip with no bug net? If you have, then you will know why keeping the bugs at bay is so important. There are plenty of bugs that call beaches their home and the last thing that you want is to be swatting away midges every few minutes.

beach bug

We would recommend making sure that you have a healthy amount of bug spray with you and a net that has been customized to fit your tent.

4. Make sure that you keep an eye on the waves

When camping on a beach, it can be really tempting to dive straight into the water and go for a swim, especially when your friends are around. Before you do this, you should research the water conditions where you are going to be camping.

In a lot of places, diving straight into the water like this can be a terrible idea. The ocean is an unpredictable place, full of underwater currents and creeper waves. We would recommend making sure that you are in a “safe to swim” area before you go and get yourself wet.

5. Don’t leave anything behind

When you are camping on the beach, you should be extra aware of the people who will be using the beach after you. When some people camp on the beach, they are happy to leave their rubbish everywhere.

Naturally, we would advise that you take all of your rubbish home with you. Remember, some people also use the beach as their toilet, especially if you are camping in an area that plenty of people camp in. Try to be careful where you step.

6. Look for a sheltered spot

When a sheltered spot is available, you should make sure that you camp there. Beaches can leave you very exposed to the elements, especially if it is quite windy.

beach shelter

When you are camping, you should try to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. If you can feel the elements, then you are probably going to struggle to sleep well. If you do have to camp in the wind, then you should make sure that you are anchored down.

7. Check the regulations regarding fires

Before you go and camp on the beach, you should make sure that you check all of the local regulations regarding fires. In some places, there are fire bans in place. If there are fire bans, then you should always respect them.

If you are camping on a beach within a national park, then you will probably be unable to have fires. Contact the local governing office in advance if you would like to make sure. You should also make sure that you dispose of any fires using water. If you use sand, the coals may continue to glow underneath it.

8. Always remember to wear sunscreen

summer beach sunscreen

Whenever you are camping on the beach, you should make sure that you wear sunscreen. Sunscreen serves a major purpose. There are some people who decide that they don’t want to wear it, but we can guarantee that they are not stronger than the sun and will suffer the consequences later.

9. Know what you need

If you are used to a wave of modern world amenities, then you might want to camp somewhere where there is Wi-Fi. Plenty of different beaches around the United States offer Wi-Fi.

If you are looking for something more luxurious, then you might want to look into glamping at beachside locations. Most glamping locations offer electricity, heating and running water. What more could you want?

10. Work out what you’re camping in

When we talk to people who are interested in camping, we often find a mixture of different camping interests. Some people prefer to camp in tents on the beach, whereas others prefer four-wheel drive vehicles.

You should make sure that you check the requirements of your location well in advance. Occasionally, you will only be allowed to camp within the confines of a vehicle.

11. Store your food properly

When you are camping on the beach, you will be exposed to the elements. Make sure that you carefully consider the food that you are going to pack.

beach food

Don’t pack anything that will go rotten under the sun, use a cooler when necessary and make sure that you cover everything so that you don’t end up eating sand-coated food.

12. Purchase a set of sand stakes

If you are going to be camping in a tent on the beach, then you should make sure that you purchase a set of sand stakes.

These can be used to make sure that your tent remains in place, especially on windy nights. If necessary, you may also want to use something to weigh your tent down, ensuring that it cannot shift.

13. Plan for the weather

When you are on the beach, the weather can change quite quickly. A single afternoon can take you from the beauty of a sunny day to a summer storm. Do you have a plan for what you will do in that situation? We would highly recommend making one.

14. Make sure that you check the tide

Don’t set your tent up too low down the beach. Just because the tide is currently at a certain place does not mean that it will stay there. We would recommend checking local tide charts before you pitch your tent.

15. Don’t forget to relax under the sun

During your time on the beach, you should try to make sure that you relax as much as possible. A beach experience should not be a stressful one, it should be one of peace and serenity under the stars.

relax in beach

Beach Camping Experiences

There you have it. By using these beach camping tricks and hacks, you will be able to experience the world surrounding you whilst being immersed in the raw beauty of natural coastlines. There are plenty of scenic views to soak in, complete with idyllic coastal features, gentle waves and picturesque sunsets that look like they belong on a postcard.


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