Sometimes, it feels like there is no getting out – we mean, those dreaded reading slumps, in which you feel like you have been staring at one page for too long.

Honestly, that can be quite dispiriting, and you know what’s the best way to overcome that – reading another book, and while it may look strange, it is true. Be it thrillers, romance, or even cozy mysteries, we have got you covered.

Stay with me

Authored by A. Adebayo, the book ‘Stay with me’ is about a couple based in Nigeria – they are young, intelligent and happy – but everything changes when Akin is swayed by his mother’s manipulative wishes.

Akin adopts a second wife to bear him children, and this is where everything goes wrong – secrets come unflooding out, with twist and horrors at every turn.

The book is a thriller-like literary debut novel that involves superstitions, family scandals, and tangled relationships to their extreme.


What are you going to do if you are suddenly faced with money…say, a lot of them?

That’s what the Jha family wonders –and in time, they change their lifestyle from a simple middle-class family to the high and posh society of Delhi. With high-class, comes leather sofas, hired security guards and even bragging rights.

Right from failed education to stolen yoga pants, WindFall goes through all the common social problems that we all go through.

Light and hilarious, the book ‘WindFall’ is penned by D. Basu and is a must-read.


It’s set in a pseudo-Renaissance country – a country where both humans and dragons co-exist peacefully because of a peace treaty, with the dragons taking human forms.

Everything was all right until a royal murder happened threatening to collapse the peace treaty. Now, with the rise of anti-dragon sentiments, the danger is at every turn for Seraphina, who’s a gifted musician at the royal court, and who hides a forbidden secret.

Written by R. Hartman, this book is a must-read if you like to read about dragons and political hierarchies interests you.

Dongri to Dubai

Written by S. H. Zaidi, the book is based on the trio Haji Mastan-Varadarajan-Karim Lala, that ruled the streets of Mumbai – right from the rise of Dawood Ibrahim to gang wars, rackets, drug empires, the book is sure to pump up your adrenaline and kick you of any reading slump.

Want to know how a simple boy went on to become one of the most wanted men in history, then, this book is for you.

His dark materials

Featuring a set of three books, it’s set in a world where the soul of each person is a living companion, also known as ‘daemon’ and which is a shapeshifting animal, and who accompany them everywhere.

Everything was all right in her world until Lyra Belacqua discovers that she has a prophecy to fulfill as well as a friend that needs to be saved.

Fallen angels, nomadic Gyptians, flying witches, pretty much, anything that you have dreamed of, will you find on this book written by P. Pullman. And one of the best parts about this book is that there’s a TV series that is based on this trilogy!

Miss Pettigrew lives for a day

LaFosse has three lovers – one for money, one for career and one for love. She’s a flirty and vivacious actress as well as a nightclub singer, who has a clumsy and dowdy maid. Miss Pettigrew, who is awed by the world she is introduced to when she comes to work for LaFosse for a day.

Both women strike an unlikely friendship, saving each other from sticky situations and being godmothers to each other.

Written by W. Watson, this book is sure to leave you with several laughs.

And then there were none

There’s nothing more comforting than to tuck yourself in a comforter during the winters with a mystery thriller by your side.

And if that mystery-thriller happens to be one of the best ones? Then, you have got a winner.

Authored by A. Christie, this book is about ten strangers who are stranded on an isolated island, and then, just like that, all of them end up dead.

How? Why?

Those are the questions that you will have your answers to, if you read the book.

The FlatShare

Tiffy is an editor by day, while Leon is a palliative nurse. Both of them agree to an unusual housing situation – they agree to share a flat and a bed, but the catch is while Tiffy works from 9 to 5 in the day, Leon shifts start at night, and thus, both of them never cross paths.

However, both get intimate over baked leftovers and post-it notes, and slowly by slowly, you will see them getting close to meeting face-to-face.

Written by B. O’Leary, this book is every romance lovers’ dream.

One hundred nights of Hero

Set in an imagined medieval land, the book features the story of a maid Hero (who’s also the protagonist) who tells night-time stories for 100 days in a row to protect her lover and mistress, Cherry, from being a gambling prize for her husband’s friend.

Kind of sound familiar, right?

Dancing princesses, three moons, the legacy of storytellers – the book is a witty and feminist graphic novel and penned by I. Greenberg.

One pair of hands

Kicked out of drama school, Monica Dickens (who’s the protagonist) and yes, she’s the great grand-daughter of Charles Dickens tries being a maid-for-hire, and the result is hilarious.

Soapy soups, broken plates, burnt dishes – it’s everything whacky.

The memoir is written by M. Dickens herself.

Those pricey Thakur girls

It’s Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but only based in the posh New Delhi of the 1980s. and add to that, big Indian families, family scandals, misunderstanding, and a playboy-ish Mr. Darcy.

The five Thakur girls are quite the handful – they save stray dogs, discuss men, engage in school rivalry and what not.

Written by A. Chauhan, the book is peppered with Hindi-English, and will be a nostalgia ride for many, as it has mention regarding Tom and Jerry cartoons, Maruti and Ambassador cars, Maggi and even Desh Darpan (that’s Doordarshan)!


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