Joggers, cargo pants and chinos rules our hearts when we have to go anywhere, but even then, jeans are still the go-to for many men gateways. Even for the most formal meetings and life events, denim comes to the rescue.

It’s hard to go wrong with denim, isn’t it?

But you know – you can go wrong with jeans. Some of the most face-palm worthy moments are when you choose the entirely wrong footwear with the jeans in question. Wear too smart shoes with jeans, and it will look like you are about to head off to a night club, wear them with flip flops, and it will give off the vibe that you are heading off to a beach.

See, it can be hard, right?

But you know what – it doesn’t have to be rocket science, you just need to follow the right direction.

So, then, what shoes should you pair with your favorite denim?

Wearing derbies with denim

Derbies are generally a chunkier version of Oxfords – they are slim, black and can be worn with practically no turn-ups. No matter what color your denim is, opt for derbies which are stonewashed – they will be a match made in heaven as they can amp up the overtones in the denim.

Though as a suggestion, when wearing derbies, always pair them with a dark pair of denim, wear a mid-blue denim with derbies and your look is going to be a muddled one.

Wearing brogues with denim

Known to be more formal than the trainers, brogues are a smart choice and are best suited in rural weddings and casual business meetings rather than in a corporate environment.

When pairing with jeans, opt for brogues that have a minimal look – chunky with punched-holes are the ones that go best with jeans. As for the colors, a black color is always a safe option, but if your brogues are tan in color, then not to worry – they match nicely when paired with indigo denim.

Wearing minimalist sneakers with denim

It’s hard to go wrong with minimalist sneakers, and the sleek and low profile ones – they go with pretty much any type of denim.

When opting for heavy-duty jeans, opt for dark-colored sneakers or else, the color of the denim will wash out the sneakers. If, however, you plan to incorporate white sneakers to pair with your denim, you can do so, but the main concern is keeping the sneakers clean – so, many prefer to go for the off-white ones.

But of course, it’s a matter of choice – if you want to go for the white ones, you are most welcome to do so, but make sure that they are clean.

The muddy look doesn’t everyone, you know.

Wearing penny loafers with denim

Did you know that you can even pair up penny loafers with denim?

But when pairing them, do note that the low vamp of the penny loafers can make feet look stubby if there’s a wide leg opening- so, it’s recommended to opt for denim that is either cropped and tapered or even pinrolled.

Wearing monk straps with denim

Monk straps are considered to be a solid footwear option that combines Oxford’s formality with a style that matches well with denim.

When it comes to color, it’s recommended to opt for a mid-brown dub-monk and pair it with a mid-to-light blue pair of jeans.

Wearing Chelsea boots with denim

You can also pair Chelsea boots with denim – Chelsea boots made with black leather can never go wrong with denim. Plus, it is seen that many opt for tan ones too – and it’s a great choice for it looks even more casual than the black ones.

Also, take note of the heel, it’s what the Chelsea boots are famous for – if the heel is a bit high, pair it with tight denim, and if the heel is a bit toned down, it is suggested to pair it with distressed denim.

Wearing high tops with denim

Heard that you are planning to pair high tops with denim – and the thing is that, you can pair it with denim, and you will never go wrong.

When pairing high tops with denim, it’s recommended that you roll your denim to the top of your sneakers or else it might hide the top of your sneakers, and you don’t want that to happen to you, do you?

But remember when rolling your denim, only do that twice or the thickness will ruin your look.

Wearing desert boots with denim

Pairing desert boots with denim is always a great choice – featuring soft uppers and sole, they give off a rugged look, and hence, can be worn with anywhere from suits to shorts to denim.

Deserts are versatile, and as such, they don’t have any hard and fast rule of how to wear them with denim – you can wear it as you wish, but rolling them up to flash a bit of covered ankle is encouraged.

Wearing hiking boots with denim

Pairing hiking boots are also a great idea with denim – opt for chunky boots as they will provide contrast for wide-legged jeans; pairing them with slim or tight denim is a big no-no or else, they will contrast too harshly.

That said, if your denim is skinny, then while pairing hiking boots, you need to make sure that your denim is a bit on the shorter side or better yet, rolled up – that way, you will give off a maximum vintage vibe.

Wearing dad trainers with denim

Since a long time ago, dad trainers have long been paired with denim, so, why break that norm?

Say, if you plan to pair dad trainers with denim, make sure that your denim is straight, wide and has a high rise and if possible, having a stonewashed effect.

See, how many footwear can you pair your favorite denim with? Matching your favorite pair of denim with shoes doesn’t have to be too hard – you just need to follow the above-mentioned directions and see how you rock the day.


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