Dressing for a wedding is hard – and add to that, old temperatures, icy winds, and possible rain, it can be stressful for anyone.

But it needn’t be that way – no matter what you are aiming for, be an on-the-trend impression or a timeless appearance, you just need to plan your perfect ensemble for the joyous occasion.

So, what should you wear as a guest to a winter wedding?

When planning your ensemble for a winter wedding, it’s recommended to take note of formality, dress code plus the location of the wedding – after that, you are suggested to plan your attire based on what flatters your body and suits your style.

You can opt for thick fabrics, cool and dark tones, styles with sleeves, and long lengths, and can even think of adding layers to your ensemble should the weather be extra cold or an outdoor occasion.

Opting for the winter wedding guest look

So, now, that you have got the wedding invitation, what should you plan to wear?

If the wedding is an indoor event, you are not required to go overboard with your dressing style – what you can do is add a winter spin to your usual wedding choice. You can try going for a dress that consists of sleeves or going for a maxi style that will cover your legs. If you want to wear a print, make it one with a dark color.

Going for the casual winter wedding guest look

If your invitation leads to a casual winter wedding, you can opt for a dress that has a smart yet relaxed feel.

You can consider going for shift dresses that features long sleeves, or a simple wrap dress will do and which can make an excellent option. You can either go for basic pastel prints or florals and which will give your ensemble an easy-going feel, even in winter.

Going for the formal winter wedding guest look

Having an invitation to a formal wedding, it’s the perfect opportunity to go for a gorgeous gown – you can consider going for a draped style in a rich hue, such as black or burgundy, for a sophisticated evening look.

You can also opt for an embellished look or sequined style, and it’s all thanks to their long lengths and heavy fabrics, that will keep you warm throughout the ceremony and reception.

Going for the simple winter wedding guest look

If the wedding event is understated or you prefer the minimalist style, then, a simple winter wedding dress can make an excellent option.

You can opt for a short or midi length and opt for classic silhouettes, such as a pencil shape or skater style. Do note that if you are going for the minimalist style, you should avoid the embellishment style and can add interest by selecting a lovely lace design.

Going for the short winter wedding guest look

Want to incorporate a contemporary and chic appearance at a wedding?

Opt for a short dress – they are a modern and practical option for a wedding in winter. Because of the short length, a short dress makes it easier to move and dance, plus, go for such a one that has sleeves and in a dark color or one that is made of thick material.

Going for the plus size winter wedding guest look

Time has changed – today, there are more beautiful plus size dress than before – and finding one for attending a winter wedding shouldn’t be that hard to do.

Opt for a dress that will show off your curves by going for one that features a fitted fishtail gown or you can create an ethereal appearance with a chic flowing maxi – either way, the choice is yours.

Going for the sleeved winter wedding guest look

Did you know that you can also go for a sleeved winter wedding look as a guest?

Opt for a dress that features sleeves as it will not only keep you warm throughout the occasions but will also lend you a sophisticated and classical touch to your overall appearance.

Going for the suit or jumpsuit winter wedding guest look

Of course, a dress is not the only choice for you out there when it comes to attending wedding – you can also make do with either a suit or a jumpsuit, it will make for a stylish wedding ensemble option.

We are not talking about your office suit – opt for something that looks polished and can give you a sophisticated look, and add either high heels or block heels and statement jewelry to complete your look.

Going for the coat winter wedding guest look

If you plan to attend an outdoor wedding, you can do so, by opting for a coat to pair up with your wedding ensemble.

You are recommended to pick one that will keep you sophisticated, and which, of course, should match up with your overall appearance. No matter what coat you opt for- be it coats, capes, trench coats, go for ones that feature luxury fabrics.

Going for the shawl winter wedding guest look

Of course, if you don’t want to go for a coat to your winter wedding, you can still add warmth by pairing your ensemble with a gorgeous shawl – this will highlight your dress plus the shawl when worn wrapped around the arms, it creates a timeless and smart look to any wedding ensemble.

Now, that, you have an idea of what to wear to a winter wedding without comprising your looks, aren’t you forgetting one more important detail?

That’s right, your footwear.

When it comes to footwear, don’t just wear your office footwear to your wedding party – opt for high-heeled party sandals with a little coverage. That said, you can also opt for pumps or closed-toe block heels to enhance your look.

And what of your wedding accessories?

You are not going to any wedding without them, so, why the winter wedding should be an exception?

First, your bag – you can either opt for a clutch or a wristlet, that features luxury fabric like velvet, and as for the jewelry, be sure to go for the statement look, but do make sure that you compliment you and not overwhelm your ensemble.


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