Looking to add more privacy? Or say, you want to add security or maybe, you want to enhance the appearance of your home?

No matter what your motive is, a ‘fence’ can be your answer that you are looking for – but of course, that doesn’t mean that your fence should like just like your neighbor’s one. Okay, we admit that the best material that you can use for your ‘fence’ is hardworking wood, but you should know that there are ways on how can you make your fence look unique.

The following list consists of some of the best ideas that you can use for your fence, and we can bet you on this that some of them are the ones that you haven’t thought of before.

Windowed fences

Fences, for many, means vertical boards – now, you can ditch them; what we mean to say is that instead of opting for the fences the traditional way, one can make an entire wall of fences, but by placing the boards, not vertically but horizontally.

To add a modern look, one can leave spaces (or small horizontal windows) in between the fences so that the climbers can peek through them, and which in turn will soften the look of the fence, thus providing an element of warmness and homeliness.

But do plan beforehand on where to add the small openings or your fence will not be able to provide privacy, if you opt for big spaces in the fence.

Vertical boards with mixed-width

If you are of the traditional type, sure, you can go for the classic style of the fence, that is, the vertical-type style of fence. However, you know, you can add a modern twist to the traditional style.

Instead of featuring the boards vertically with the same space, you can consider alternating the widths of the fence with evenly placed boards. To do that, instead of placing the boards tightly, consider leaving gaps between the boards with alternating widths to create a lighter boundary around your home.

Overlapping panels with dark paints

If you have the fence boards in your home placed horizontally, and you are looking to upgrade the look, you can do so – you don’t have to make much of a change, you only need to color the boards.

Say, if your fence features light color, you can paint the fence a dark color so that it can contrast your home, if your home has a light color. That way, the contrasting colors will bring out the beauty of both the fence and your home – it’s simple and quite easy to do, if you put your mind to it.

Horizontal boards with mixed-width

Remember what we mentioned earlier – that you can opt for the traditional style of the vertical-themed fence by leaving alternating widths; you can also do the same by placing the boards horizontally. That being said, this fence also looks good with no very little to no gaps, but of course, the choice rests on you.

This look is known to work like a charm with buildings of contemporary appearance and also with traditional-themed homes that have horizontal siding.

Fences with a twist

Say, if you have a cottage or a farm, did you know that you can enhance its look with picket fences?

Yes, you can do that – you can either opt for the vertical or the horizontal style with opting to go for alternating widths or none at all. You also have the option of going for flat-topped picket fences for a more modern-themed look.

Woven fences

Did you know that you can add a textured look to your home?

That’s right – opt for the wattle fencing, it can provide a beautifully textured look to your home, and since, this technique of fencing is created by weaving thin ranches between the wood posts, it provides an atmosphere of tranquillity to gardens.

This design of the fence is best known to work with traditional homes, cottages, and farms that have a classic-themed look.

Vertical boards as an illusion

Surprised, right?

We are, too, when we first came to know about this style – you have to arrange the vertical boards in such a way that their narrower side faces outside, thus, resulting in an optical illusion, depending on which angle the fence is viewed from; and as such, the fence appears to be solid one side, while from a different angle, you will only get to see the narrow silvers of the fence.

Floating fence

The fence can also be created in such a way that to the onlookers, it will look as if the fence itself is floating! With this style, many of the boards can be flipped on their edges, and which will create floating shelves for potted plants, and hence, the name.

That said, this fence is one of the best choices for gardens that focuses on outdoor activities such as yoga – not only this fence provide privacy, but it will also create a calm and warm atmosphere because of the ability to provide a tranquil backdrop for relaxation as well as yoga practice.

Leftover planks fence

We are sure that many of you have more than unused planks lying in your garage or your storeroom – so, how about making good use of those planks and make do as fences?

Surprised, huh?

You can either color the unused planks or simply use them as they are (they will create a vintage look!) and consider creating a tapestry-like effect over your existing fence.

Want to add a traditional look to your landscape?

Opt for this fence-style – and leave the planks as they are (that means, you don’t need to color them) and this look will add a Japanese-themed look to your yard!

Roofed fence

Another one from the Japanese – for this look, you will have to make use of roofed bamboo planks by holding them together with a wood frame.

You can use this fence-style to surround your home and one, which is bound to add a Japanese-themed look to your home!!

And this marks the end of the list – there’s a whole lot of ten ideas that we have listed for you on how to create the best-looking fences for your home.

We assure you that you are going to be the envy of your neighborhood. Either share this list or keep it your secret – we promise we won’t tell!!


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