Name an essential piece of clothing that you will find in every wardrobe – why, it’s a leather jacket, of course. Right from the classic one to the cozy shearing styles, there’s no outfit that can’t flatter leather outerwear.

It doesn’t matter what your budget or the season is, there’s a perfect leather jacket for you out there. Ballgown, jeans, and a T-shirt, a leather jacket will suit any style, and still, it will manage to look stylish.

So, what leather jackets should you opt for?

Opting for the black leather jackets

Ah – a black leather jacket, it’s one of the staple pieces that every wardrobe should have, and can put a finishing touch to any ensemble.

Be it a bomber jacket or even a blazer, a black leather jacket can be quite a versatile piece, if you allow it to be. Right from the colder seasons – a leather jacket can be worn either over a hoodie or a jumper – to the warmer seasons, you can add a leather jacket to a floral dress or you also have the option to keep it simple by wearing it with denim.

When it comes to a black leather jacket, the opportunities are possibly endless. That’s why it’s called a classic, you know!

What about a leather motorcycle biker jacket?

Of course, another one of the classics that many swear by – it’s the biker jacket.

Dubbed as one of the essentials for any season, be it cropped, oversized or even a vintage one, a leather biker jacket adds a grunge look to your ensemble.

You have the option to give the biker jacket a casual look by pairing it with jeans and a plain white T-shirt that will put the focus on the jacket, and of course, don’t forget to add in checked pants and chunky boots too.

For many, a black biker jacket is a classic choice, but then again, you can mix it up by wearing the jacket in another color of your choice. Know this that this piece can be adapted to any outfit and occasion – so, ladies, it’s time to experiment.

Is a vegan faux leather jacket okay?

Is that even a question?

Of course, it is okay – a faux leather jacket is an ethical and effortless choice that is not only stylish but also timeless. Be it a casual outing or a night out with your pals, you can add a fresh twist to your ensemble by opting for a faux leather jacket.

It comes in many sizes – we can assure you that you are going to find your better half.

What about a brown leather jacket?

Want to give off a traditional vibe yet look modern and trendy at the same time?

Opt for a brown leather jacket – it can create a statement look without deviating from the ethnical look. A brown leather jacket can be found in varied sizes and cuts, and that too, in contrasting colors such as red, blue, gree and even grays to make it more contrasting.

Choose the one that speaks to you, and will make your outfit stand out – we mean in a good way! Tones such as camel and neutral colors can be combined to create a monochromatic look, that will be perfect for any weekend office party or even a night out.

Will a red leather jacket suit me…

Who says that you can’t rock a red leather jacket?

You don’t always have to go for the same colors that everyone goes – it’s time to look a bit different than others. You can either slip into an oversized red leather jacket or a cropped one – of course, the options are many when it comes to donning a red leather jacket.

Opt a red leather jacket, and pair it with contrasting colors such as white or blue – and we assure you that you will be turning heads wherever you go.

…and a pink leather jacket?

So, now a pink leather jacket, too?

Yes, why not?

A blush or a bashful colored jacket is a lot more fun than the usual classical ones such as blacks and greys – of course, with a pink leather jacket, you can make any outfit pop, no matter what the occasion is.

You know, you can create an all-pink ensemble look or add a splash of color to a black dress with a pink leather jacket. As you know that pink comes in a variety of shades, so, no matter where you are into, be it nude pink or hot pink, be sure to experiment!

And what about a blue leather jacket?

Blue is a favorite color of many, so, if it is yours too, why not add this beautiful color to your ensemble?

Dubbed as one of the best choices for a night out on the town, you can opt for an ocean-toned leather jacket – choose from a wide range of colors such as navy blue to emerald ones, the options are aplenty.

All you need to do is to pair it with denim or an all-black ensemble, and see how you make heads turn!

Can you make do with a white leather jacket?

Why not – a white leather jacket is a timeless piece that will instantly add cred to your ensemble.

On your night out, opt for a white leather jacket with a pencil skirt or a slinky dress – trust us you will ooze elegance and sophistication.

Is yellow and tan leather jacket a good choice?

That’s a resounding yes – it flatters every skin tone, so, a yellow jacket is a great choice to brighten up any outfit.

As for your ensemble, you can opt for a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans to let the color pop or you can also opt for an all-white ensemble cast and going for a yellow leather jacket

That said, if you are not ready to do with a yellow leather jacket, you have the option to go for a tan leather jacket – it’s a muted version of the yellow leather jacket.

Now, despite being a summer color, you can wear this color at any time of the season, and keep yourself warm.

Is a leather jacket with a fur collar on-trend?

On-trend, you say?

Having a leather jacket with a fur collar is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm while being stylish at the same time.

You have the option to go for either a jacket with a large collar or something smaller to balance your look. It is recommended that you co-ordinate the fur’s shade to match with the rest of your look to form your outfit.

These jackets are some of the best ways to keep yourself warm with style and elegance – so, what more do you need? It’s time to experiment and wear it in style!


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