Can you name one trend that will never go out of style?

Why – it’s denim, of course. No matter whether it’s a pencil skirt or a pair of skinny jeans, denim will always be a classic wardrobe piece, perfect for all occasions and seasons.

Denim, particularly, high-waisted jeans, can be a stunning choice during all the seasons – mainly because it presents a well-balanced look that flatters all body type.

So, how can you make the high-waisted jeans work for you?

Opting for the mom jeans

If you are looking for a piece that makes do as an everyday-wear, you can try out ‘mom jeans’. Dubbed as one of the most universally flattering pieces, mom jeans can be styled in any way to suit any occasion.

And since it’s a high waist we are talking about, so, it’s recommended that you tuck in your upper top or shirt (they go with high-waisted jeans!), with any choice of your favorite footwear. Because of its versatility, high-waisted jeans can even be paired with a blazer over the top or shirt, and finish the look with a cute belt to complete your ensemble.

What about boyfriend jeans?

Of course, you have a set of boyfriend jeans, and you know what, every woman should own at least one pair of this pair – involving a relaxed and a slouchy fit like a man’s jeans, but they are tailored to fit a woman’s figure.

That said, there are many variations of boyfriend jeans that feature a slim and tapered fit, and one of the best reasons why you should choose one is that they suit any body type, thus making it a perfect option to make it your staple for the weekend parties and night-outs.

Will skinny jeans suit you?

Why not?

They are universally flattering, plus the skinny jeans feature a streamlined silhouette that makes it a perfect choice to be worn on off-duty days. Extremely versatile, this staple piece can make do as your casual wear.

For that chic girl look, you can pair your skinny beauty with blazer and stilettos – adding a blazer to your ensemble is a classic choice that will make you look put together.

Are the flared jeans too vintage?

Absolutely not – flared jeans area striking choice that suits all body types. Be it your casual weekend or even your date-night, you can pair flared jeans with a crisp white shirt that can go well in any occasion.

To complete your look, you can opt for accessories such as a clutch with drop earrings. What’s more, you can even add a leather jacket over the shirt if the temperature dips down later on. Hop onto a pair of block heels or stilettos, and you are ready to roll!

Are the straight leg jeans okay?

Sure, they are okay, plus they are also versatile – and it’s not hard to see why they are fast becoming a favorite of many. It looks flattering with just any anything – right from chunky boots to sneakers to booties – and once you find the perfect fit that suits you, we assure you that you won’t look at any other denim.

Perfect for any occasion, the straight leg jeans are a natural choice for many, and for an on-trend ensemble, it’s recommended that you opt for either mid or high-waist styles with a slim fit on the leg.

Should you try the bell-bottom jeans?

Looks like it’s official – bell-bottom jeans are back. It had been quite a rage in the 70s and while this style can be a bit obvious, there’s no time like the present to not try out this style, and give it a go.

For the head-turner, here’s what you should do – opt for high-waisted bell-bottom jeans, and as for the footwear, go for killer heels. To complete the look, go for an off-shoulder top with rounded sunglasses that will give off a boho vibe

Should you try the ripped jeans?

Whether you are a boho girl or a vintage lady, you can’t go wrong with ripped jeans – it’s a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Right from having a brunch with your girls to the happy hour and beyond, a pair of ripped jeans is a must for any occasion. It’s recommended to pair your ripped jeans with a blazer and ankle boots to go for a chic girl look or a simple tee with a leather jacket for a more casual outing.

Is light washed jeans on trend now?

If you are looking for a refreshing summer look, how about a pair of light washed jeans?

Can be paired with sneakers and a plain white tee, light washed jeans are suitable for any occasions and is known to go well with black blazer and heels. Not only the style of light washed jeans is on-trend, but this style can also lend a cool and casual style to any ensemble.

And what’s the best part about this shade – it can be dressed as you like to suit a variety of occasions!!

Going for the acid wash jeans

Like to take risks when it comes to fashion?

Great – then, the style of acid wash jeans will definitely suit you. Made to be bold and eye-catching, this style has come to the limelight ever since the celebrities are seen to wear it.

Worried on how should you wear them?

For the look, you have to keep things to a minimal – it’s recommended that you opt for a simple plain white tee with a pair of acid wash jeans to keep things minimal, and for a more chic look, you can add a leather jacket with stilettoes.

Will the vintage high-waisted jeans look good on you?

Why not – they are a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Flattering for any body type, this style looks just as good with chunky knit and sneakers as it does with a blouse and heels.

Featuring a polished silhouette, this style can be reinvented as you like on how to style it – for best results, you should go for camis or crop tops that show off your high waist, and finish the look with a belt for a balanced look.


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