Planning to travel during the winters – if you are, then, you must know that it is all about navigating the weather successfully.

During the winters, most travelers hope to get to their destination with minimum hassle and maximum enjoyment, and above all, to arrive safely even though they have to encounter the winter hazards such as snow, ice or whatever they may encounter.

It is for this reason that you need to keep in mind certain winter tips that will help to tackle and void spending your time stuck in airports or worse, on roadsides.

Avoid connecting airports if you can

…and that’s because most of the problems happen at connecting airports – say, if your first outbound flight is canceled, then, you can return home from your local airport.

But what’s going to happen if you second flight – you either have to find a hotel at that place or worse, you have to take a flight back to your home, and frankly, neither of them looks too good. That’s why, you should always fly nonstop, whenever it’s possible.

What to do if you are bound for connected flights?

That said, if you have no choice and you have a tight connection time, you need to watch your layover times carefully.

If the weather delays you and causes you to miss your flight, you have no choice since the airline is not obligated to you to find you a seat on the next available flight.

But here’s what you can do – if your flight is running late, you can tell a flight attendant, who may be able to make arrangements or can get you off your first flight quickly.

Taking note of the weather

Make sure to check how the weather is – both at your departure and destination airports, and more so, if you are on a vacation, you won’t want your vacation to be ruined, do you?

If the weather looks threatening, you have the option of contacting your airline to see whether they can reroute you, and doing so will probably be the best for you, and will save you a lot of headaches.

Make sure to do research on your part to see which alternate flights will suit you, as counting everything on a gate agent to do the work for you is not always a good idea.

Booking a connection through a southern city

It is recommended that you consider booking your connecting flights through such a city where the weather wouldn’t be an issue.

Even though the northern airports are better equipped to deal with winters, and they will most likely cancel all flights till all is well, and trust us – you wouldn’t want to start your vacation by getting shut in an airport due to snowstorm raging outside.

Your best bet is to opt for flights that pass through a southern city that rarely sees any ice or snow.

Always choose a morning flight

It’s suggested that you opt for a morning flight, whenever possible – that’s because your flight will be less likely to get affected by any weather problems, and even if that happens, you will have more chances for choosing alternating flights to get to your destination.

And frankly, that is much better than having to get to a different flight on a different day.

Consider alternative airports

It is seen that many times when flights get canceled, it is not about the weather, it’s about the overall volume of the passengers and flights.

But you have nothing to worry – in crowded places, second-tier airports are always available plus they aren’t too far out of town and are always tied into the transportation grid.

Remember the security

Even before you get in line, it is suggested that you pull out all of your gear and spare coins, if you have, into a pocket of your carry-on bag.

Doing that while you are in line, it is a sure sign that you are going to drop a few things in your haste to get themselves in order. Hence, it is for this reason that you should put everything in order before you even reach the line so that you don’t risk losing your important belongings such as keys, wallets, cell phones and such.

Don’t wrap your gifts

This is one of the most important – don’t follow this rule and you are going to get your heartbroken. Under no condition should you wrap any gifts – no matter how big or small, and if you do so, the security will simply rip them open.

No matter what baggage you bring along with you, the security will always go through them. So, if you plan to have gifts with you, it is suggested that you either ship them ahead of time or better yet, you can wrap them once you reach your destination.

Now, that you know what should you expect when traveling during the winters, there are a few more things that you need to take note of.

Under no conditions, should you travel during the peak travel dates, particularly the weekends.

In regards to your clothing, you must always remember to put in extra clothing items into your vehicle as they will come in handy, if you break down in cold weather.

Speaking of your vehicle, always make sure to check your car for the winters, and let a mechanic inspect your tires, and once everything had been checked thoroughly if you plan to drive, it’s recommended that you keep both the headlights and the taillights clean, more so, in stormy weather. Also, make sure to keep the windows clean and the defrosters work.

That said, if snow has built up on your vehicle overnight, always take a break from driving, and clear away the snow so that it doesn’t obscure your windows. But that doesn’t mean that you should drive in bad weather conditions – in such cases, it is suggested that you should slow down by about 50 percent during bad weather conditions, plus, it also extremely important to leave a few space between you and the car in front of you, in case of slippery roads.


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